TT04 AI for Healthcare & Life Sciences

AI-assisted medical diagnosis along with the use of more precise and comprehensive data is becoming more accepted and prevalent in practice. Augmenting healthcare workers with AI innovations such as pattern search for genome data and structure prediction for protein promise further advancements in healthcare and the life sciences.


Data utilization is active in many areas of healthcare, significantly impacting the pursuit of health.

AI-based image diagnosis and treatment, which is fueled by huge amounts of data stored at medical institutions, is starting to provide robust assistance to physicians with accuracy comparable to physicians. Some of the AI are providing functions that mimic actual medical practices, including detection of multiple illnesses. Additionally, AI is showing promise inferring mutated genes based on images that may revolutionize the traditional diagnostic processes.

Data that can be acquired from our daily lives also contributes significantly to our health. For instance, continuous acquisition and analysis of biological information such as heart rate has enabled abnormalities to be detected sooner in an asymptomatic stage. In addition, the use of DNA information to huge numbers of people is helping identify genetic risks involved in many illnesses. The emergence of health-related analysis services that combine such functions and technologies is moving us toward a day when disease prevention is individually optimized.

Fundamental elucidation of diseases for which only symptomatic therapy is available will move human healthcare into a completely new phase. In recent years, efforts to better understand the mechanism of the human body has shifted into high gear to establish breakthrough therapies for intractable diseases. These efforts include the inference of the 3D structures of proteins, and the acquisition and analysis of more elaborate brain data. Data-driven healthcare is further expanding its boundaries, bringing new possibilities toward the resolution of life-related issues.

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