TT05 Security for the Digital Era

Given the limitless application of data, its protection is being re-engineered. On top of traditional protection methods, organizations are implementing zero-trust security measures to counteract breaches quicker and to minimize damages. Business leaders are also adopting privacy protection technologies to keep individual data anonymous.


In an age where data utilization has become a prerequisite for business, the data of individuals keeps increasing in value. For this reason, service providers will only gain the trust of individuals by maintaining a safe environment for their data.

The foremost prerequisite for such trust is to protect data from malicious attacks. As the use of mobile and cloud services spread, the traditional concept of protecting against all intrusions has reached its limit. Under these circumstances, today's emerging technologies aim to minimize the damage of an intrusion, including the use of automatic log analysis to achieve immediate detection of abnormalities and the encryption of low-spec edge devices for even more robust protection.

Individual-centered data use, too, is becoming increasingly important. As global legislation is developed regarding data utilization, technologies are also evolving that enable service designs to let individuals control their own information and to allow the anonymous use of data. Pursuit of these solutions will contribute significantly to winning the trust of individuals.

Balancing between the public interest such as people's lives and safety and the protection of privacy is controversial due to IT's inherent ability to track personal information. As a result, we are reaching a point where a new norm is needed. To win the leadership of future society and business and maintain the trust of individuals, it will be essential to maintain the proper balance between these conflicting forces.

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