IST01 Growth of a Seamless World

IT will become seamlessly woven into all facets of people's lives, with online and physical activities valued equally. In this "online-first society," people, companies and governments will realize the value in blending these activities to improve productivity, solve social problems, develop disruptive scientific solutions and maximize growth.


The maximum blending of IT with social life, scientific technology, and all kinds of economic activities, is now inevitable. For all service providers, understanding and joining the continuing trend toward extensive blending is imperative.

The rapid shift to the online-driven life triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic irreversibly modified society, with even strong traditional laws and regulations having to concede the shift. IT-driven science suddenly took shape due to this human crisis, and identified the virus's DNA on a global scale and commercialized the mRNA vaccines. And service companies that make the most of IT use the high-speed and continuous improvement of their competitive edge and scalability to keep taking business by storm. The driving force for this comes from a combination of data, which uses its own gravity to continuously aggregate itself; software, which improves service at a furious speed; and IT hardware, which keeps enhancing its capabilities. What this driving force provides has value that outstrips what existing industries have built before, acquiring huge numbers of users at a truly global level to continue expanding the market.

Service providers will continue to respond to the changes as if to a fast-forwarding clock. The fiercely accelerating speed of changes unique to IT has affected scientific technology, bringing on changes in rules. As technological innovation continues, new players will emerge introducing unparalleled services.

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