IST02 Individual-Centered Design

Competition will drive service providers to deliver tailored experiences based on each customer's context, time and location. This trend toward personalization will come into conflict with online user privacy and security concerns. Service providers will have to address these personal-ID issues to enable personalization while protecting users' privacy.


While the personal optimization feature made possible by IT becomes inevitable for all services, it may encroach on people's lives with "optimized" and impudent advertisements to become a source of fear of a variety of crimes. The quest will continue to find a balance between controlling unrestrained tracking of personal information, and aiming for a steady and highly efficient society with foolproof personal identification.

Emerging personalization services will master finetuning personal optimization. These services will not only make detailed recommendations, but they will also spotlight everything from classic masterpieces to fine athletic performances to high-end vacation homes that have long been overlooked to unlock value out of them to propose matches with consumer preferences. Highly satisfied consumers will continue paying for these services, which will expand into traditional industries. Even physical products like automobiles are getting combined with services that provide software-enabled personal customization and new recommendations one after another.

Meanwhile, direct marketing schemes that in some way make the most of personal optimization are scraping all kinds of personal information with no restraint under the presumed license of agreement exploitation, leaving everything to greed. And this attitude is under severe criticism. In addition, businesses, being scarcely aware of the risk of dealing with personal information, have occasionally spurred crime due to their careless identification management.

In the future, IT companies will use a robust identification system to continue streamlining government and other services using individual-centered design as the prerequisite for all services, while enforcing control that imposes their own restrictions on abuse.

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