IST03 Forge New Norms

IT and society will come into conflict as the pace of technology adoption outruns efforts to solve issues that may arise from it. AI-related issues and growing online crime will endanger technological enhancements. Service providers will need to build trust by collaborating with governments to establish and implement new norms.


People are perplexed about the rapid infiltration of innovative technology into society and the negative influence brought on by the resultant changes. As the new rules that keep pace with the changes remain immature, a lot of confusion is spreading. Those who manage technology will be urged to recognize these distortions and get actively involved in the creation of norms necessary to implement IT advancements in society.

As IT becomes the basis for daily life, society, and economic growth, negative aspects of IT will spread along with it. International crime organizations commit information hacks of hundreds of millions of users on a daily basis. They rob energy companies and medical organizations of control of the crucial systems that support critical functions, and issue threats for large amounts of ransom money. And these crimes remain on the increase. The digital divide will represent a more severe social gap, with AI issues remaining unsolved. In addition, the enormous amounts of power required by fast-evolving AI are no longer unrelated to society-wide decarbonizing efforts. Advanced technology development has become a crucial element of security assurance, and IT can no longer be expected to evolve through idyllic international cooperation. Social networks are now people's primary information sources as they significantly influence politics and economy. In light of this current reality, the world realizes that it is already risky to rely on the operation rules set up by certain companies.

The lead time is becoming shorter and shorter between the time when a new technology is born and the time when it changes people's lives. The forging of norms that meet this demand will take a long time, similar to the history of mankind dealing with new technologies. And IT is becoming complicated, with its active domain expanding endlessly. As countries are strengthening their regulations in earnest, technology leaders will inevitably need to expand their knowledge to include social issues to lead rule creation.

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