TT03 Software-Driven Evolution

Competition among service providers will focus on delivering differentiated customer experiences through software. Manufacturers will rely on software to increase product value and accelerate deployment. Accordingly, companies will seek AI tools to increase productivity and new organizational structures to drive continuous improvement.


We are now shifting into high gear with a society where software affects the value of everything from services to products. While many business activities need software, a shortage of experts who develop software is emerging as a problem. Enhanced tools that facilitate software development, greater productivity enabled by the use of AI, and organizations optimized for continuous improvement are drawing attention.

By using tools called low-code or no-code, non-experts can also create software with only simple screen operation for in-cloud operation. Using these tools enable users themselves to develop software that suits their own tasks.

At the same time, AI is beginning to be used to improve the productivity of software development by IT experts. This effort uses natural language processing AI to convert among programming languages, automatically generate programs from natural languages, and other modes of automatic software generation at a higher level of accuracy. It will be important to gather program codes unique to each business operation as data for building this AI.

Software is also becoming more important in physical manufacturing. In particular, the automobile industry is using software updates to provide consumers with new features in a cycle shorter than the replacement of the product, thus improving the value they offer to consumers. To continuously offer this software-driven value, automobile manufacturers are starting to adopt more modern software development techniques with the organizational changes that accompany them. Similar movements will probably spread to all types of industries in the future.

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