Shape-Shifting IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure is being reconfigured into a means of creating and expanding businesses that are deeply fused to software. This evolution, coupled with further semiconductor technology development, will give organizations the flexibility to keep pace with change and to accumulate best practices directly linked to real business achievements.


IT infrastructure is shape-shifting while continuing its nonstop evolution as a growth engine and source of competitiveness.
Thanks to IT infrastructure, people can seamlessly work together from anywhere. Continuing developments in edge devices, communications technologies and servers will support this trend and provide new energy.
Semiconductors are at the core of this trend, bringing intelligence everywhere and fueling the explosive performance enhancements of AI. Miniaturization and stacking continue to enable semiconductor performance improvements.
These technological developments – and the infrastructure that supports them – will be invisible to most people. Complex and sophisticated systems can be integrated into cloud services, including server network software and business expertise. As the cloud is enhanced, IT will be truly managed as a business enabler, as businesses are freed from infrastructure-related tasks.
The cloud is rapidly becoming nomadic, with data and computational power roaming more globally. As it does, IT infrastructure improvements will focus on reducing latency, expanding the use of AI and building off improvements in energy efficiency.

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