Software will Become a Point of Growth

Software is the driving force that grows business and opens new paths forward. It is no longer just a way of getting work done. It is now a moving force that can enlist the involvement of many different stakeholders to realize new ideas and adapt to continuous change. As such, it is a crucible for integrating business knowhow.


While software has always fueled growth, that growth is poised to accelerate as software-producing technology evolves and businesses explore new ways to build their own software and use it as a source of competitiveness.
Low-code tools that minimize the need for expertise in creating software continue to attract attention. Their intrinsic value is the early participation of various stakeholders in software development. This enables organizations to gather and incorporate the opinions, experience and ideas of the people who will actually use the software. Software, as a collection of best practices created through field initiatives, will be central to enterprise value.
Of course, software development by experts is still necessary, but AI's natural language processing can be a game changer. AI can write software based on as little input as a few lines code or comments, although the results are mixed and far from automated. Still, AI will be key to increasing the productivity of scarce technical talent.
In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of non-tech companies that participate in software development and use it to strengthen their own competitiveness. These companies are also using software strategically to gain entry into other business sectors. The rise of companies that have transformed their businesses into software-centric businesses is a testament to the ever-increasing value of IT.

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