Opening the Way to the Unknown Future

AI-based IT will intervene in the remaining areas of our world that have not yet been penetrated by human intelligence, from optimal content delivery plans to the discovery of new materials and the search for the origins of life itself. It will open the way to the future of humankind by changing the way we do R&D and verification, and radically shortening the time it takes to solve problems.


From optimal delivery planning, to the discovery of new materials, to the birth of life, IT and AI will play a leading role in opening up many areas still unknown to humans.
Many of these explorations involve problems that are difficult to solve by IT alone. For example, in delivery operations it is important to take the best route to many destinations in the shortest possible time, but as the number of destinations increases, the number of combinations becomes enormous. IT alone cannot find the optimum solution. However, because AI can learn from past results, it can instantly judge and exclude unnecessary combinations and find the best solution in a short time.
This AI exploration of the unknown will change the development of new materials, a traditionally time-consuming process. After learning the results of previous experiments and simulations, AI quickly derives the properties of the new material from the given conditions. This reduces the time required for manual trial and error, resulting in much faster development of new materials.
AI can unravel unknowns that humans have spent years trying to understand. For example, over the past half century, researchers have been able to determine only 20% of the three-dimensional structures of human proteins, which is an issue in the development of new drugs and the understanding of life. But with the advent of AI, which learns the three-dimensional structures of known proteins and can predict unsolved structures with high accuracy, it has cracked 98.5% of the protein structures in just one year.
IT and AI will continue to reveal business, industrial, and scientific mysteries and support the expansion of human activities.

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