IT for Searching for New Norms

The rapid permeation of technology is shaking existing value systems and challenging sustainability. Discussions have begun on the search for a new kind of balance that can arbitrate the many conflicts that arise at the point of contact between the world of IT and the existing world. The people who control technology will need to participate in the coming revision of rules.


While IT has brought many benefits to the world, it has also brought problems. Cybercrime is expanding rapidly on a global scale and evolving at the speed of the IT business. The growth of social network services has increased the fragmentation of society, creating filter bubbles and echo chambers due to a reliance on algorithms, such as AI. Responding to these challenges and coordinating new systems will also be a responsibility of IT utilization. Countries are rapidly regulating the excessive collection of personal information, business use of the results and human rights violations. Responding to the world's demands is an urgent task.
The new possibilities of an IT-driven world are creating other conflicts within society. The use of IT is essential to helping control greenhouse gases, but it is also a main culprit of excessive electricity consumption. IT has enabled decentralization through cybercurrencies and DeFi that excites people to its many possibilities, but there are also moves to regulate the magnitude of the impact, from heated speculation to security.
Society continues to struggle to meet the challenges posed by IT while maintaining continuity with traditional norms. In a world where chaos continues, those in charge of IT must be more actively involved in the development of new norms within the framework of laws.

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