Children IT Program

NTT DATA is proud to support the future of our society by organizing children’s IT education programs.

Helping to Develop Children’s Interest in IT

Across the globe NTT DATA is helping with various projects to educate children in IT. We are committed to arranging company visits, demonstration of various IT products and workshops to nurture IT knowledge in children.
Helping to ignite children’s passion for technology gives us great satisfaction. Welcoming children also fills our employees with energy and inspiration.

“NTT DATA is dedicated to nurturing the future of our society by organizing children’s IT education programs.”

IT Experience for Children, the Future Leaders of the Next Generation

We provide IT experience and education to children in various locations worldwide.
In Italy, one of our employees initiated a school project, teaching coding in many elementary schools across Italy, involving a big group of enthusiastic colleagues. This photo shows an IT classroom at an elementary school in Italy, where the coding class is conducted.

In Japan, IT Experience for Children was launched in 2004 as an event offering elementary school children a fun opportunity for gaining hands-on experience with IT. To reflect the changing IT environment, the content of the event was changed into a programming class that even beginners could enjoy. The event has been held twice a year, in spring and summer, since 2014.
In 2017, the spring program took place in March and the summer program in August, both at the NTT DATA Training Center in Tokyo, with about 430 children in attendance.
Programming offers a tool for realizing ideas for the future. We plan to consistently provide children with opportunities to familiarize themselves with IT, stimulate their interest through fun courses, and encourage them to create their own future.

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