NTT DATA Employee Engagement

NTT DATA strives to offer many employee engagement events globally, to ensure an innovative and creative working environment.

Work and Enjoyment

We recognize the effort of our employees and understand that a healthy work culture is a mix of hard work and enjoyment. NTT DATA strives to offer various employee events all over the world to ensure motivated and engaged people.
By relating work with enjoyment, we draw the knowledge and ideas from our employees to improve our products and services, and be innovative in how we work.

“NTT DATA engages our employees with pioneering events, which in turn boost organizational performance and productivity.”

Team Building Events

Team events are the best way to bring all team members together to develop healthy relationships. We organize team building events at regular intervals to take some time out from work to develop trust and bond among employees.

This photo shows NTT DATA Picnic Day in Romania.
In celebrating the anniversary of our company, we organized a friendly picnic for all our offices. Colleagues brought along those close to them and had a good time with sports and other fun activities. We enjoyed a day out with the NTT DATA family.

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