Biodiversity Conservation Initiatives

The NTT DATA Group has been carrying out various activities to conserve biodiversity based on the NTT Group’s concepts of “Preservation of the Earth’s ecosystem”.



Activities How to conserve the biodiversity
Greening by IT

Publicize the information

Make public the information relating to the environment and biodiversity through the issuance of “ECOLOGY EXPRESS

Support biodiversity analyses

To meet social needs, provide support for establishing the GIS and remote sensing technology, making ecosystem models and developing support tools.

We also assist organizing a wide range of environmental information associated with such technology and tool development

Make a lifecycle assessment

Through a lifecycle assessment (LCA), acquire a quantitative grasp of the environmental impact on the ecosystem of our systems deployed to our customers

Greening of IT

Cut down the electricity consumption

Reduce the electricity consumption through energy-saving activities in office buildings and Data Centers to minimize the effect of climate change

Promote recycling and reusing

Promote recycling and reusing to ease the environmental impact made during waste disposal

Aim for Zero Waste

Cut down the amount of final waste to alleviate the impending problem of depleted land for waste disposal plants and to lessen the effect on the ecosystem

Reduce the use of copy paper

Decrease the amount of copy paper used for business activities to contribute to forest conservation

Greening with team NTT DATA

Tokyo Greenship Action

Preserve the ecosystem by conserving woodlands near populated areas, known as satoyama

Tree planting

Conserve forests and the ecosystem

Cleanup activities

Preserve the ecosystem

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