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Message from the CEO

By contributing to society through our business, we aim to continuously increase our corporate value and create a future society together with our customers.

NTT DATA celebrates the 31st anniversary and throughout its history, NTT DATA has been guided by its Mission Statement of “NTT DATA uses information technology to create new paradigms and values, which help contribute to a more affluent and harmonious society.”

We endeavor to fulfil our mission by creating new value that helps resolve social issues through building long-term relationships with clients.

In recent years, technological progress has been accelerating trends of digital transformation, spurring the diversification and sophistication of our customers’ needs for strategic use of digital technology to expand business as well as to create new businesses. At the same time, businesses are expected to be part of international initiatives to tackle global social and environmental challenges, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and we are aware of the increasing expectations for NTT DATA to apply its core competency of IT to challenge the issues clients and society face.

Under the new Medium-Term Management Plan announced this year, we are pursuing profitable global growth with “consistent belief and courage to change.” To achieve the goals we have clarified NTT DATA’s way of ESG (environmental, social and governance) Management.
In promoting ESG Management, and driving business in collaboration with our customers will result in our contribution to the achievement of many of the 17 SDGs.

The NTT DATA has been making the efforts to contribute to society through its business and corporate activities. One example of such efforts is the COTO LABO Consortium we announced in May 2019, an initiative by a consortium of eight companies including NTT DATA, aiming to digitize experiments on, for example, iPS cells. This consortium will serve as a next-generation laboratory in which the member companies across industries work together in life science fields to create new, unprecedented value, which will lead to the contribution to entire healthcare industry. Through such initiatives, we hope to contribute to society by our business.

As other examples of social contribution through our corporate activities, we will continue addressing work style reforms leveraging advanced technologies, operating environment-friendly Data Center, and developing human resource in the IT field.

While we hold “consistent belief” to continuously contribute to our customers and the society, and to keep providing our consistent value, it is important that we NTT DATA change ourselves with “courage to change.”

We NTT DATA incorporate into our management strategy some important CSR challenges and conduct social contribution through our business and corporate activities, which will lead to sustainable increase of our corporate value.

President and Chief Executive Officer, Representative Director

Message from the Director Responsible for Corporate Strategy

Keiichiro Yanagi
Senior Executive Vice President and Representative Director

Advancing ESG management and building the future society by co-creating shared value with our clients and stakeholders

Identifying 12 Material CSR Issues

NTT DATA publishes the annual report titled “NTT DATA Technology Foresight”, covering anticipated future trends based on surveys and researches on advanced technologies and societal trends which are expected to significantly impact society and businesses in the next three to ten years. Based on “NTT DATA Technology Foresight 2019” as an input, twelve Material CSR Issues were identified by reflecting key societal challenges and expectations for NTT DATA through client satisfaction surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, and interviews with shareholders, ESG institutional investors, and experts from NPOs.

The twelve issues have been selected with a particular focus on social contribution through our business. While it is true that NTT DATA can contribute to society directly through corporate activities in some cases, we consider helping client’s initiatives to contribute to society is of greater importance, in light of the environment surrounding us.

Securing and Nurturing IT Talent and Promoting IT Education

In the IT services industry where NTT DATA operates, securing talent is on top of the agenda to ensure sustainable business. While initiatives to hire talent with subject matter expertise from the market are important, it is also extremely crucial to upskill internal human resources within the Group to the level which can meet expectations of our clients and society. In addition, we will help our clients nurture their people through activities of NTT DATA UNIVERSITY by leveraging know-how accumulated based on our talent development programs in the Group.

Looking outside Japan, still many counties and regions suffer from poverty. Gaining IT knowledge can provide an effective path as a breakthrough from poverty or severe inequalities.
The NTT DATA Group will strive to provide IT education in order to secure IT talent and contribute to raising income levels in the regions.

Innovating Workstyles and Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

We have been promoting workstyle innovation within the Company by introducing the RPA tools WinActor® and WinDirector®, which help innovate workstyle and improve productivity by streamlining and automating office operations. The number of licenses of these tools has exceeded 15,000 including indirect sales through our distributors, helping clients promote their workstyle innovation.

In addition, our company has long been encouraging telework. During the Telework Days campaign in 2019 designed as a trial to prepare for the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, 77% of the 11,000 employees in the Head Office worked remotely. Based on the insights gained from this experience, we will continuously support our clients’ workstyle innovation.

Diversity and inclusion is no doubt integral in promoting innovation. Our company supports and has signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) and has continuously been promoting diversity on the global basis. In 2018, we were recognized under the Diversity Management 100 Prime program, in which companies making continuous efforts in promoting diversity are commended. In the future, it will be important not only to empower women and employees of different nationalities but also to accept diverse ways of working based on individual circumstances. We therefore intend to facilitate a mechanism to enable diverse workstyles, while
supporting clients and society to transform by widely rolling out such systems.

Responding to Climate Change

We not only strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at our data centers and offices by improving energy efficiency, but also contributes to addressing environmental problems with our strength of project management and by providing support using leading-edge technologies.
Case examples include MefCO₂ Project to Convert Carbon Dioxide into Renewable Energy, an EU-funded project undertaken by i-deals, one of subsidiaries of the everis Group.

NTT DATA has also successfully achieved significant reduction of paper documents and the movement of people and goods by consolidating information in servers and digitizing meetings.
Reduced movement of people, goods, and money enabled by IT is expected to help significantly curb growing climate change contributors and we will continue to step up these measures through our business activities.

Ensuring Information Security and Protecting Data Privacy

As IT is widely used in every corner of society, information security risks increase, and appropriate responses to such risks have become essential. Meanwhile, prioritizing information security alone can discourage proactive use and sharing of information, making it difficult to leverage useful data and know-how as an asset of the company. We therefore continuously work on research and development of technology based on societal, technological, and business trends as well as the latest situations in information security. We will tap into these outcomes for clients and the Company’s systems to balance between information security and proactive use and sharing of information.

Disaster Risk Response

NTT DATA provides many information systems and services that support social infrastructure.
When systems or services provided by NTT DATA went down in the event of a disaster, it would significantly affect society and people’s daily life. Therefore, we will continuously make efforts in ensuring and improving business continuity plans (BCPs) at a time of disaster particularly for internal critical systems and those systems we operate for clients, while leveraging such expertise in building and operating clients’ IT systems.

Ensuring Compliance and Promoting Responsible Supply Chain

Pursuant to what Japan’s Corporate Governance Code constitutes, NTT DATA positions the followings as a basic policy and will make further efforts to enhance them: transparency and soundness in business management; optimized and swift decision-making and business execution; and ensuring through compliance. We will continue to build a foundation that conforms to expectations of global society by striving to ensure compliance, such as to foster a corporate culture of staying in compliance with laws and corporate ethics and to promote further improvement of internal structures and mechanisms.

As per laws and corporate ethics, rigorous compliance within the NTT DATA Group alone does not mean that we respond to society’s expectations, should our efforts of promoting business lead to an increase of negative CSR behaviors, such as violation of laws and regulations at our vendors or business partners. Along with disseminating the Guidelines for CSR in Supply Chain, which set forth appropriate procurement policies, the NTT DATA Group will continuously promote open and fair transactions, work to improve quality and workplace environments through proactive communication with its business partners, and achieve mutual growth together.

Providing Social Infrastructure and Vertical-specific Solutions by Leveraging Advanced Technologies

The fast pace of technological innovations is making it difficult for our clients to plan innovative projects using advanced technologies. Against this backdrop, NTT DATA gathers insights globally and develops solutions by harnessing our digital technologies in business fields and domains where we have strength. We thus accelerate use of IT by our clients, helping them address their agenda in society, such as those featured in the SDGs.

Building and Stably Operating IT Infrastructure

NTT DATA provides a number of information systems and services that support social infrastructure. As a result, system failures and suspended services would significantly affect not only our clients but also society and citizen’s life. While it is important to endeavor to help clients solve their challenges based on new technology needs and requirement from society, we recognize operating existing systems stably is a critical mission for us.

Trusted Global Innovator

It is important to meet the expectations of our stakeholders, including clients, shareholders, institutional investors, employees, business partners, and communities and win further trust in order to promote ESG-oriented management under our Group Vision to become Trusted Global Innovator.

NTT DATA will continue to take solid steps to further enhance ESG-oriented management by contributing to stakeholders through our business activities and living up to their trust and expectations.

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