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Launched New Group Vision of “Trusted Global Innovator”

Since 2005, when we instituted our Group Vision to become a “Global IT Innovator,” we have been building a foundation to drive global business. As we celebrated our 30th anniversary in May 2018, we launched our new Group Vision of “Trusted Global Innovator.” We have set out “Material CSR Challenges” comprised of three aspects and promoted our activities based on “Our Way,” guiding principles for individuals which constitute our mission statement portraying NTT DATA’s mission and reasons for existence defined in May 2013 as well as our Group Vision. At the same time, we have made efforts in laying out infrastructures including corporate governance to support these initiatives and meet the expectations of global communities.
We support the SDGs as an NTT Group company and have promoted initiatives to contribute to addressing global societal issues through our business activities. Under the new Group Vision, we will continually drive business activities with a focus on ESG aspects as we continue on our journey to grow sustainably and enhance our corporate value.

With regard to the environment (E), we have continually worked on activities to help mitigate environmental burden to overall society through the provision of environmentally friendly systems and services for approximately 20 years, since July 1999, when we formulated the Environmental Policies of the NTT DATA Group. We will set our environmental goal at a level which is up to global standards to meet expectations from stakeholders in countries and regions worldwide. By improving clients’ operational efficiency through the use of IT, we aim to help achieve greener clients and society (reducing CO2 emissions) and achieve the objectives of our three-year Medium-Term Management Plan.

As for social (S), we are focusing on diversity and inclusion, with “respecting diversity” and “workstyle innovations” as key dual pillars. Currently, NTT DATA has a diverse talent pool of approximately 120,000 employees across 53 countries and regions worldwide who have various backgrounds in terms of nationality, religion, gender, age, etc. We believe that we can bring innovation to our clients beyond national borders through IT technologies by encouraging every employee to recognize each other’s different values, respect diversity, and demonstrate one’s strength.

NTT DATA has remained ahead of its peers in the IT industry with regard to workstyle reforms, including the reduction of working hours. Our persistent efforts led to reducing total hours worked per employee by 165 hours, down to 1,901 hours between fiscal 2007 and fiscal 2017, which is far below the average for Japanese companies in the IT industry as well as across industries overall. We will continue to promote diversity and inclusion initiatives going forward and strive to remain an attractive company to both internal and external stakeholders that provides a better place for diverse employees to work.

Finally, in regard to governance (G) we have pushed forward to reinforce global governance to help create more global synergies. At the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held in June 2018, the first non-Japanese director was appointed at NTT DATA Corporation, which marked one step forward from a standpoint of diversity of our corporate governance. Furthermore, nomination and compensation committees and audit committees were set up within certain operating companies in each region, and we are taking steps to build a governance structure that enables the unified management of the Group while at the same time delegating to local leaderships to operate their businesses. We will continuously make efforts to move forward as a Trusted Global Innovator by sharing our mission statement, Group Vision, and Values to bring all employees across NTT DATA together as one NTT DATA.

Helping to Realize a Sustainable and Affluent Society by Creating Innovation and Value

The shift to digital is increasingly required today, and “digital” in a broader sense opens up possibilities for addressing societal issues limitlessly. As Japan is facing a variety of societal challenges including labor shortages, a declining population, an aging population, and regional problems (depopulation), public–private partnerships (PPPs) are under way to realize “Society 5.0,” a new society leveraging cutting-edge technologies. Turning to the world, it is hoped that various challenges are resolved that threaten the sustainability of global society, including food and water problems caused by growing populations and urbanization, social infrastructure issues such as transportation, education, healthcare, and disaster prevention as well as measures for energy conservation and global warming.

NTT DATA has contributed to addressing global societal issues so far by leveraging IT. We are now at a point where we must make further contributions as a global company going forward as well as lead these initiatives.

In fiscal 2017, we promoted initiatives to resolve societal issues by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies such as development of an automation AI solution called “NTT DATA Robotic Context Processor” for achieving better efficiency in contract management operations as well as an active control technology, the industry’s first technology as a disaster prevention measure to control vibrations of super high-rise buildings using AI. We also introduced WinActor®/WinDirector®, a robotic process automation (RPA) tool which automates and improves efficiency of office operations and also jointly developed with a client an end-to-end system for the first time in the banking segment by directly connecting banks and an insurance company to complete a transaction from proposal to contracting phases, including confirmation of a prospect’s intention with tablet devices. This has enabled us to not only save resources but also to increase productivity, which is one of the challenges faced by an aging society with a declining birth rate. Mitaka Data Center EAST commenced operations in April 2018 and employs an outside-air cooling system using natural energy (outside air during spring, autumn, and winter) to reduce operating hours of its air-conditioning facility, thereby achieving top-notch energy-efficiency performance nationwide.

We believe that expectations and expected societal roles have become even greater for NTT DATA, which continues to pursue the realization of its mission statement to “use information technology to create new paradigms and values, which help contribute to a more affluent and harmonious society.”

As a Trusted Global Innovator, we will endeavor to help society be more sustainable and affluent by co-creating new innovation with various stakeholders and use IT to contribute to clients’ business growth and by addressing global societal issues, while aspiring to bring the transformational driving force to society through value creation.

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