NTT DATA Indonesia Support Indonesia’s Education in Digitalization Era on Ministry of Cultural & Education National Seminar

Seminar held by Ministry of Cultural & Education National Seminar

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NTT Data Indonesia supports Indonesian government for facing digitalization era, especially in the education sector, by participating the National Seminar held by Indonesian Ministry of Cultural and Education on 1-4 December 2019 at Sahid Hotel, Yogyakarta.

In the seminar which was attended by 600 participants with entitled "The Role of Education Community in Accelerating National's Productivity in the Digital Economy Era", NTT Data Indonesia, became spokeperson who shared latest technology, NeuroAI and RPA (Robotic Process Automation), which changes the way of working in the era of digitization and explained how it can work together with humans to create skills that can increase productivity, both for individuals and government institution, in the future.

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TITLE : “How we work in digital era with Technology”

SPEAKER : Gen Oikawa (PT. NTT DATA Indonesia)


  1. Background why we need to implement technology in digital economy era
  2. Latest technology and use case:
    • AI : Maximize human performance
    • RPA : Let human free from routine work
  3. New working style in digital era

This is in accordance with what was previously disclosed by the Special Presidential Staff in Communication Sector , Fadjroel Rachman, who stated that Mr. Jokowi (the Indonesian president) dreamed that digital revolution and AI will go into all government and community activities. AI is not only used for bureaucratic matters but also regulations.

NTT Data Indonesia will support accelerating the nation's productivity in the era of the digital economy by continuing to develop the implementation of AI and RPA in Indonesia.

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Date and Time
December 1-4, 2019
Sahid Hotel, Yogyakarta
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PT. NTT DATA Indonesia
RPA solution section
PIC: Sekar(Indonesia), Oikawa(Japanese)
Place: Sahid Hotel, Yogyakarta