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Deliver a positive online experience with multi-channel customer access

We deliver technology-enabled services and solutions to the Retail industry.

Creating a unified experience to keep customers happy

The retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries are riding a wave of change related to supply chains, big data and customer expectations. Today’s leaders must embrace digital solutions to deliver innovation and drive growth. Are you ready? Customers expect a seamless, engaging, next-generation experience across all channels. Customer intelligence is a priority, but legacy, siloed databases and processes can prevent you from analyzing the data that identifies buying preferences and trends. To attract new customers and retain existing ones, you need to provide a positive, user-friendly online experience.

Our Solutions

NTT DATA Indonesia offers wide range of Payment related solutions for Banking and Financial Services industry and Retail industry.

Cashless Vending Machine Service

NTT DATA Indonesia, as a technical operator for Cashless Vending Machine, provides vending machine infrastructure as a service for B2B Customers and value added services on top of Vending Machine Infrastructure.

By using our vending machine infrastructure services, beverage and food manufacturers can reduce the operational complexity and take advantage of sales information to analyze market acceptance to their product.


LAKUPOS Cloud Service

A comprehensive solution for both corporate as well as local government to have a real-time monitoring system for their sales transaction and tax data collection.


Cultivate Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

With a proven track record of retail and CPG success, we can help you develop a solid mobile strategy and implement the right ecommerce platform to deliver a compelling, customer-centric online environment. We’ll work with you to create a unified customer experience that aligns everyone on your team, from IT to customer service to store staff. With end-to-end services that support sales and marketing, informed decision-making and online security, you’ll lower staffing costs, increase profits and cultivate higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We help you adopt new customer-centric systems of engagement including social, cloud, analytics, and mobility. You will streamline franchisee process and reap the benefits of an analytics-driven supply chain, or create a compelling, customer-centric environment that sets you apart in the crowded retail landscape.

Innovative digital solutions will reconnect customers to your brand