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High quality and efficient development

We contribute to Japan with excellent labor supply and technology transfer to Myanmar.

Our Solutions

Whether your goal is to create a customer-centric enterprise, move to the cloud, gain data-driven intelligence, or establish IT-driven value creation services, the NTT DATA retail and CPG practice offers a wide range of solutions and services to make your digital business a success:

TERASOLUNA framework

We operate not only programming and testing but also designing and writing manuals in Japanese. High quality and efficient development can be provided by using automation solutions TERASOLUNA framework.

Testing Solutions

In addition, we do various testing such as Conformance testing, Degrade testing and Mobile Testing. We implement testing with not only manually process, but also efficient process by applying automation tools (Junit, Selenium, etc.) and continuous integration tool (Jenkins, etc.).

We contribute to Japan with excellent labor supply and technology transfer to Myanmar. We sent about 200+ developers to overseas such as Japan, India, China and other APAC countries for OJT or training. NTT DATA Myanmar has the following efforts:

Education Program for staffs

Security Training under the NTT DATA Headquarter leadership, Business Manner, Japanese language education by Japanese full-time Lecturer, Development Framework training of NTT DATA standard (TERASOLUNA ViSC), System development and training with engineer from NTT DATA Headquarter in Japan.


Having security and installing CCTV camera. Besides entrance and exit are handled by security guard man in accordance with NTT DATA Group standard.

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We contribute to Myanmar and Japan through offshore development. We are providing offshore development resources with over 200 employees+ for Japan to complement ones in China.

Offshore development, Education Program for staffs, Security