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Predictive detection of deterioration of seriously ill patients

Predictive detection of deterioration of seriously ill patients


Medical practices in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) are specifically targeted at severe patients, so they are performed while monitoring patient conditions at all times using sophisticated medical equipment. However, integration with IT systems has not progressed so much, such as enormous data management being performed manually. There were cases that took a lot of time for physicians and nurses to interpret data along with various test results and medication information.


NTT DATA and the EVERIS group of the Spanish subsidiary in collaboration with Virgin Del Rossio University Hospital have centralized management of all data related to patients by consolidating information obtained from various medical devices in the ICU into one platform. Based on various data including vital accumulated and accumulated by this, we developed a model that predicts the risk of complications to occur 2 hours before onset by AI technology.

Utilizing such a model for predicting the symptomatic transition by AI, when the system predicts the occurrence of complications of a patient, it can immediately notify the bedside terminal and the mobile terminal of the risk, and the doctor and the nurse can confirm it "smart alert Solution "developed. At the same time, doctors can make quick diagnosis on the spot by simultaneously providing vital data necessary for case diagnosis at the time of notification.