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Tree planting and green earth


We are the world we live in

Pay off about what sustainability mean to NTT DATA, including the three aspects: Nurturing the Next Generation, Environment Caring and Social Contribution.

We promote CSR, in our unique Our Way, to address societal challenges through business activities. To this end, we have focused our attention on paradigms across the three areas of society and communities, people at work, and the global environment while strengthening infrastructures that support these areas. In particular, we are concentrating our efforts on three aspects: building stronger corporate governance, promoting diversity, and sharing the Group Vision.


First participation in the charity event ‘RUN FOR THE HEART’ held by Vietnam Heartbeat Foundation in 2018 with lots of remarkable memories, strongly attracted all our employees to look forward to this program in 2019.

With the rays of hope to help the poor congenital heart defect children, all employees were ready and willing to raise fund and also join the Run event on 24th November, 2019.

For the Group Vision – “Corporate Social Responsibility”, we are extremely inspired and encouraged to spread this spirit in all the society activities in general and in this event in particular. We wish to contribute to revitalize the small hearts, so that the children can live healthily and achieve a bright future as they always deserve.

As the great success of “RUN FOR THE HEART 2019”, NTT Data Vietnam is so proud to be a part of the total fund (raised VND6,252,016,000), which is equivalent to over nearly 250 children receiving free surgeries. Besides, runners from NTT Data Vietnam were so happy as to lighten up hope and love for the little angels.

With the volunteerism, together we work, move forward and build the better society!

Bring our smiles and happiness to life

Caring Kids - First Step to a Caring World

At 2016 & 2017 Christmas, we brought Santa Clause and gifts to the kid patients in National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion – Paediatrics Department. The team and kids, we all had great time and warm winter. Hope this activity might share some unluckiness of kid patients and their families.

Fill your heart and their plate

Serve the meal for the people who has the low income

At the end of 2017, our Ho Chi Minh City Branch sold coffee, ice cream and snacks to the colleagues for fundraising. From there we visited and gave gifts to Happy Smile Restaurant where poor people can have free meals. This activity helped the young people to be appreciated with what they have right now and share with others who are less luck than us.

Share your time to make them smile

Visit and serve the meal for the elders

At December 30th, 2017. our Danang Branch employees visited, served the meal and gave gifts to elders who have no family in Loving home. This activity helped the young people to make their time more valuable by visiting, talking and sharing lunch time with the elders.