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Watch over the elderly by robots and sensors

Consider the possibility of improvement of care efficiency in aging society

Challenge (Proof of concept)

The population of Japan is aging rapidly, and in 2060 it is predicted that 26.9% of the total population will be over 75 years old. While the number of people who need nursing care increases as the population aging progresses, the number of nursing staff is on the shortage trend. Measures are needed to reduce the workload of nursing care staff while providing adequate care to care recipients.


In collaboration with a social welfare corporation, NTT DATA conducted a demonstration experiment to monitor the elderly and record their daily life in nursing care facilities using communication robots and sensors. We have considered the ability to alleviate heavy care at the nursing care workplace and reduce burden on nursing care work by detecting wake-up at night with a risk of falling by warning of the robot by voice or checking the health at the time of getting up in the morning.

Furthermore, we are planning to expand the scope of application to home care as well as proceed with demonstration experiments to provide more accurate watching functions and evaluate the reduction effect of nursing care work burden.