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Phoenix Petroleum Fueling Big Steps towards Operational Excellence

“NTT DATA is a team of professional and intelligent people. They are flexible, easy to work with, and they always have a positive attitude in helping us establish our processes. They are an excellent partner in business”.

- Julie Cale Customer Operations Lead, Invoice Resolution Team

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Phoenix Petroleum is a publicly-listed company from Davao, Philippines that primarily provides top-performing fuel products. As a relatively new but aggressive player in the industry, the company wanted to focus on delivering the best customer experiences to quickly grow its market share and establish a reputation for excellent customer service.

The company decided to invest in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to improve the operations team’s efficiency and effectiveness. NTT DATA was selected to implement the system, and was tasked to complete it within a short timeframe, in time for the launch of Phoenix Petroleum’s Super (78737) one-point contact center on a popular TV show one month later.


Phoenix Petroleum’s operations team was facing inefficiencies that prevented them from providing the highest levels of service both to their internal and external customers. They wanted to address the following key issues:

  1. Delays in order processing. These were often due to errors or incomplete details on Purchase Orders leading to a back-and-forth exchange of information between customers and operations specialists. The transaction processing delays led to frequent follow-up calls from customers regarding the status of their orders.

  2. Inability to keep track of customer interactions. With thousands of customers supported by a team of less than 50 customer operations specialists at the time, it was impossible to keep track of what communications had been made, or the status of each case. The company needed a system to help them document all interactions with customers, whether by phone or email, and provide better visibility on case status to all stakeholders. They also needed a way to make sure that operations specialists were tagging case types according to their proper categories for easier monitoring and analysis.


As their chosen partner, NTT DATA Philippines (NDPH) was tasked to rationalize and optimize sales, delivery and billing processes and implement a new CRM that would address Phoenix Petroleum’s challenges. The services included:

  1. Process Consulting
    Through a series of reviews, interviews, and collaborative discussions, NDPH helped Phoenix Petroleum to identify essential versus unnecessary steps in their processes, clearly define each stage and determine specific, required outcomes.

  2. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM was selected as a solution because it was easy to customize to align with the steps and requirements in the updated processes. It is also user-friendly and provided all stakeholders with visibility on particular customers and cases, as well as insights for operations leads and business executives.

NDPH provided a team of process consultants and CRM experts who not only implemented the project within the ambitious 1-month timeline but also provided appropriate training and support to enable the operations specialists and other users.


Streamlining processes and implementing a new CRM made it easier for operations specialists to comply with operational standards, reducing errors and incomplete logging of case details. It also provided better visibility on customer interactions and case status and even allowed them to escalate cases to sales, if necessary.

The CRM system allowed the support specialists to accurately record and follow through on leads and inquiries. Customers noticed the change and provided positive feedback. The enhanced customer experience led to new potential dealerships and customer referrals, including the conversion of hundreds of competing LPG cylinders to Phoenix Super LPG within a few weeks of launching the 78737 hotline.

Phoenix Petroleum has taken significant steps towards strengthening its reputation for excellent customer service and continues to expand the capabilities of its CRM system to further enhance the experience of its growing base of customers.

About the Client

Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc. is the first independent oil company to be listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange after the Oil Deregulation Law was passed in 1998. Phoenix is engaged in nationwide network of retail and commercial channels, with a diverse product line that services both individual and industrial clients such as refined petroleum products and lubricants, operation of oil depots and storage facilities, and allied services.

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