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Navigate an Ambitious New World

Every day, we wake up to a more digital world. Technology is rapidly changing the things we do at work, at home and everywhere in between. At NTT DATA, we’ve identified six key digital focus areas to address your most pressing challenges and to accelerate your digital journey. Because these focus areas are interconnected, the full potential of digital is realized when they work together.
How are these technology areas shaping the future? Watch our video series “Wake Up 2” to better understand our focus areas in a futuristic, engaging storyline in which protagonist Adam and his AI assistant Entity work together in all aspects of his life. See how you, too, can wake up to synergy, security and a seamless relationship between people, technology and the world we share.


Wake Up 2: A Focus on Digital

We’re proud to announce the second part of our “Wake Up” video series, a sequel to Wake Up, an original series inspiring us to see how the exponential technologies will transform the world. In this installment, watch how Adam takes on a key role in his company to drive digital with the help of Entity, his AI interface.

A Distinct Entity

While Adam is the lead character in our Wake Up videos, Entity plays the main supporting role. Entity, a fictional Artificial Intelligence voice assistant, provides real-time interaction and access to key technologies, including our six focus areas. A symbol of the technology’s amazing potential, Entity is the power behind Adam—just like NTT DATA is the power behind our clients’ success.


Intro - WAKE UP 2 - Accelerating Digital | NTT DATA

Discover season 2 of our WAKE UP series – “A Focus on Digital” As Adam continues his “awakened” journey in the world, he faces the challenges of being an effective CIO. Through these episodes, Adam will understand and employ the power behind technologies contained in six Digital Focus Areas.


Intro - WAKE UP 2 | NTT DATA

Adam takes a new job in Asimov corporation. From his new position, he will have to face different challenges of the present and the future of the company in 6 digital focus areas: Customer Experience, Intelligent Automation, Data & Intelligence, IT Optimization, Cybersecurity and Internet of Things (IoT).


Data & Intelligence - WAKE UP 2 | NTT DATA

Data & Intelligence is about to take a leap forward. The advances in Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies will allow Artificial Intelligence to perform task as a human brain would.


Intelligent Automation - WAKE UP 2 | NTT DATA

Intelligent Automation us about take a leap forward. Thanks to cognitive computing and data science, AI can perform all mechanical task. Then, people can focus on more creative and stimulating task.


Customer Experience - WAKE UP 2 | NTT DATA

Customer Experience is about to take a leap forward. Personalization engines and sales process automation will make each customer journey completely different. Companies will be able to adapt in real time to each consumer.


Internet of Things (IoT) - WAKE UP 2 | NTT DATA

Internet of Things is about to take a leap forward. Thanks to the sensors implementation and event stream processing, the objects will be able to sense not only the environment, but also their own state.


IT Optimization - WAKE UP 2 | NTT DATA

IT Optimization is about to take a leap forward. Microservices architecture and service orchestration of IT systems will allow companies to react quickly and efficiently to the dynamics of the marketplace.


Cybersecurity - WAKE UP 2 | NTT DATA

Cybersecurity is about to take a leap forward. Real time risk monitoring systems and decentralization protocols will give companies support to protect and ensure data integrity.