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Faculty and Staff Management System

Aside from catering to its students, an educational institution must also effectively manage its faculty and staff, from hiring to processing the payroll. NTT DATA offers HR*Wizard, a complete, web-based Human Resource Information System that’s been actively used by various companies and schools since 2008.

Drawing from the HR expertise of its pool of consultants, NTT DATA optimizes the HR process, with benefits such as boosting efficiency, reducing cost, and ensuring a timely payroll. It keeps track of faculty attendance, leaves, movement history, and applications. By empowering them to update their own information with self-service facilities, you can engage your workforce and improve morale. HR*Wizard also includes benefits management performance management, and training modules.

School Management System

E*Wizard is a cost-effective School Management System designed to manage a school's enrollment process. Launched in 2003, E*Wizard's comprehensive feature set helps institutions reduce effort through automation, improve revenues through accurate collection, and decrease turnaround time through digitization.

While enrollment can take a week when done manually, E*Wizard brings this down to only 5-10 minutes—the time it takes to make a few clicks. With a user-friendly design, E*Wizard lets you instantly file and retrieve records such as student information, track financial accounts, and update and release grades. By using a centralized database, your departments can retrieve consistent and accurate information in an instant.

To stay competitive, educational institutions must continuously improve the quality of their education

This requires streamlining the management process to obtain increased efficiency and improved student and faculty satisfaction.

Given the number of people involved in an educational institution, processes such as enrollment, keeping track of grades, and balancing the payroll can be complex and tedious when done manually, not to mention time-consuming and error-prone. Backed up by domain expertise and a long history of use by various clients, NTT DATA’s education solutions automate these complex processes—significantly improving turnaround time.

“Our solutions help you drive down costs. With resources such as time, money, and labor freed up, educational institutions like yours can finally focus on creating a suitable learning environment for your students.”

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