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Remain high-quality while minimizing cost

The Vision to create the Healthcare of the Future

Healthcare is rapidly moving from episodic, reactive care to proactive health management. New payment models and regulatory requirements are reshaping how physicians, hospitals, health plans and life science organizations interact with patients and with each other.

Feedback Management System

To improve performance, healthcare businesses must assess the fit of their products and services with their clients’ needs. A direct way of obtaining data would be asking for feedback, usually through surveys. However, sending and collecting surveys can be tedious and time-consuming, notwithstanding the complexity of gathering all the responses afterwards and coming up with an analysis.

As a global IT innovator with extensive experience supporting healthcare businesses, NTT DATA Philippines helps you meet these challenges with our Feedback Management System. The system automates the entire process of sending surveys and instantly generates big-picture reports about what the responses mean for your company.

Business Productivity Portal

Whether it’s a HMO that requires collaboration among its different departments or a hospital seeking a centralized system, NTT DATA has developed results-based solutions that leverage our proven technologies for in-house communication and business productivity.

A centralized records and documents portal can help you streamline your communication, standardize processes, and secure sensitive data. With such a portal, information is stored in an organized, easy-to-retrieve manner while maintaining robust security, which is especially convenient for financial transactions and hospital records.

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration platform that can help you improve efficiency and security by centralizing and automating key areas of your operations such as your social communication, knowledge management, team communication, calendar and task management, version control, documents and records management, workflow, and approvals.

Patient Records Management

Healthcare records contain potentially sensitive information. Companies in the healthcare industry must balance between having fast access and ensuring that records remain secure, compounded by the need for a sturdy organizational scheme that can withstand thousands of records, even more.

IT is the key to any healthcare company’s efforts to address records management in a way that will stand the test of time—and NTT DATA’s solutions can help. Our systems consider the records that you’re working with, allowing for variety and complexity, while adapting a firm structure that lets you search, file, and retrieve records conveniently. With a cost-effective combination of global resources and leading technology, we build and maintain scalable, agile systems customized for your company.

GENKI: AI based Solution for Public Health Screening and Efficient Pandemic Response

Technology is being deployed in diverse ways to alleviate challenges in healthcare especially in fighting a pandemic and novel diseases. This has placed digital health technology in high focus – triggering a never before demand for solutions for screening, tracking infection and prioritizing allocation of much-needed resources.


NTT DATA can help you create a strategy for success

Faced with a deluge of documents, regulatory requirements, and increased competition, healthcare companies must deliver products and services that remain high-quality while minimizing cost.

NTT DATA helps your business rise to the challenge with innovative, technology-based approaches that enhance your organizational flexibility and efficiency. Our solutions optimize communication and information structures within your organization while deepening your understanding of your clients through customer analytics.

“Our Healthcare and Life Sciences team has decades of experience helping healthcare organizations use digital tools. We can help you create a strategy for success and work with you every step of the way.”

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