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System development and IT training service

Give service about System Development (Design, Coding, Unit Test, System Integration Test, and Bug Analyzing).

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We give service about System Development (Design, Coding, Unit Test, System Integration Test, and Bug Analyzing)


WizFX is an application development framework built on top of ASP.Net MVC 5, LINQ, Telerik, HTML, and JavaScript. The framework has undergone years of continuous optimization and has been designed according to the principles of modular architecture. It's been developed using software development best practices and passed thru extensive code review. All these features translate to a 30% faster time to market while minimizing defects and maximizing security.

Rules Engine

Each organization has a unique way in which they operate. Taking this variation into account while maximizing reuse, we've developed a Rules Engine that abstracts the system's business logic in the form of scenarios that can be chained with one another. Using a combination of table-based design and minimal coding, we can quickly customize the business flow to fit your processes without needing to start from scratch.

Workflow Engine

Approvals and reviews are part and parcel of most businesses. Given their ubiquity, we've built a Workflow Engine as one of the modules of WizFX to handle the many variations of this requirement, from simple, sequential reviews to parallel approvals involving multiple parties.

In business, every second counts. Throughout the years, we've developed a set of proprietary libraries that help us accelerate application development.

Organizations everywhere are under increasing pressure to evolve their business faster using software innovation to drive growth and respond more swiftly to changing markets. The demand to develop solutions quickly can have a negative effect on software quality, introducing the potential for risk and error. The key is to build a set of reusable components using the best practices of software development and design.

Drawing from our decades of experience in developing highly-customized, large-scale, mission-critical IT systems, we've developed a series of automation tools for application development under the brand name WizFX. These tools allow us to develop large-scale enterprise applications in a shorter time (30% faster time to market), while maintaining high quality standards.

“Our application management services will help you integrate or modernize your application infrastructure to keep your business running efficiently, effectively and affordably.”

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