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Oracle DBA911

 DBA911 is a managed service that provides 24/7 proactive support to ensure the optimal performance of your database systems

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What is DBA911?

DBA911 is a database management and support managed services engagement that provides a proactive approach to ensuring the optimal performance of your database systems. It is expected to complement your existing IT staff that aims to address incidents and service requests.

NTT DATA database consultants will regularly monitor, assess the health and performance of your databases, and provide technical assistance to your IT staff on all database administration issues and concerns.


Oracle Infrastructure and Software support

Multiple industry experience

24x7 support availability

Remote and on-site support

Direct local escalation support

SMEs for DB administration, availability, security, compliance, and performance

Monitoring and Health Checks (Proactive)

Incidents and Service Requests (Reactive)

Consulting Services




Platform Conversion

Platform Refresh

Cloud Migration

MAA Implementation

Oracle Data Guard

Oracle RAC

Oracle Enterprise Manager


Transparent Data Encryption

Data Vault

Data Masking

Application Vault & Database Firewall

Engineered Systems

Oracle Database Appliance

Oracle Exadata

Private Cloud Appliance


Performance Tuning

Full-stack Patching

Firmware Upgrade

Macaseinou Performance Professionals

Macaseinou, performance professionals of NTT DATA, provide performance optimization services from strategy planning, system designing, till testing, tuning, monitoring, and evaluation.

In-House Performance Tools

We have performance tools that are complementary with our service.

Macaseinou BOX: Monitoring & Visualizing Tool

Macameter: Load Generation Tool

Macanium: Continuous Performance Management Tool

DBA911 Cycle

DBA911 directly complements NTT DATA’s Consultancy services through providing support upon completion of implementations.

Unlock the potential of your organization with NTT DATA

NTT DATA’s DBA911 team has been performing database support and consultancy for more than 20 years with ongoing expansion in both local and global coverage to more than 32 countries. DBA911 is service offers the expertise of certified professionals who will monitor your databases regularly, provide technical assistance to your in-house staff on all database-related problems, and assist you in the event of a database failure. Our administrators will complement your existing staff whose role involves basic operation functions, including database startup, shutdown, and running pre-defined backup procedures.

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