Modernize your SAP with Microsoft Azure
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Modernize your SAP with Microsoft Azure

Accelerate your journey to S/4HANA

The new era of digital technology is here

SAP S/4HANA is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that is characterized by integrated, intelligent features. These features are possible thanks to a new, simplified data model and the SAP HANA in-memory database, which allows for real-time data analytics and forecasting. It paves the way for fast, data-driven decision making.

Why SAP with Microsoft Azure

Reduce Costs and TCO

Save up to 40% or more on Azure certified SAP on-demand infrastructure Pay only for what you use Great reduction in archival of data up to 60% cost savings

Most powerful and scalable cloud for SAP HANA

Largest SAP HANA workloads (up to 20TB of RAM) of any hyperscale public cloud provider, bigger than AWS Scaling out to 60 TB RAM for HANA OLAP, with single-node support up to 20 TB for HANA OLTP

Most Trusted Cloud Platform

Continuous Security Health Monitoring for entire environment through Azure Security Centre More than 72 international certification and industry specific compliance certification

With NTTDATA’s SAP on Azure Solutions:
  • Quantify a cost effective, timely and risk averse S/4HANA Adoption Roadmap
  • Remove the ambiguity of uncertain launching point
  • Adopt SAP Cloud Solutions, New Applications and Start the Digital Transformation in quick time
  • Enjoy Global Customer-for-Life experience

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Arcosa Client Story

Chelsea Logistics Story: Modernizing Infrastructure and Finance with S/4HANA on Azure

Why choose NTT DATA’s SAP on Azure Solutions

A core proven capability to host and manage any SAP solution stack at a competitive, cost effective, price point.

An SAP pedigree that demystifies the SAP technical product journey that is delivered in the form of manageable, realistic, and cost-effective transition roadmaps.

An ability to integrate platform, intellectual property, services and support into a single solution allowing customers to focus resources on their core business activities

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