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L-Series Warehousing

NTT DATA Vietnam is proud to provide our warehousing solution allow you to control various forms of classification of warehouse to increase productivity and accuracy, reduce inventory cost while improve customer service.


Without a proper warehouse and inventory management, enterprises will face negative issues which cause serious impacts to their business. In the developing market, surrounded situations will change promptly and they are connected each other. Warehouse management part is a core of enterprises business that has a close relationship with the other business processes.
In the current situations, NTT DATA Vietnam is proud to provide our WMS package solution which allows you to control various warehouse operations to increase productivity, accuracy and reduce inventory costs.

Business requirements

L-series Warehousing

Our solution, L-Series Warehousing, is designed to meet the common requirements of warehouse operations and gained through years of research, feedback and implementation together with our valuable clients. It helps to save time for handling all your types of inventory. The basic local business specifications are covered and our valuable experiences and knowledge are also applied as system specifications.

For user interfaces, they are designed considering ease to use even if users don’t have enough IT knowledge or any experiences to use this kind of system.

In Vietnam, the inventory is still managed manually by Excel. In this case, it is difficult to control the inventory properly if the business transactions are increased.

Also, even if the first gap or wrong are small, they become serious problems later on and it takes much time for recovery.

By implementing our L-Series Warehousing solution, it can bring you an ease to manage to your several types of inventory. You can also take actions based on the precise managed data in the system. This solution includes basic functions and can be interfaced with the order management systems.

Outstanding features:

Precise inventory data management

  • Warehouse location management
  • Product lot management
  • Quick data reflection with handy terminal devices

 Quick understand at a glance

  • Easy to understand current inventory status
  • Easy to trace warehouse operations log
  • Easy to control with safety inventory zone

Easy to use

  • Simple screen and user interface
  • User friendly layout

Flexible customization to meet specific requirements

  • This solution is developed by NTT DATA Vietnam without black box
  • NTT DATA Vietnam has both viewpoints of customer and IT sides and always discuss the best customization way considering customer’s current situations

Easy to Use and Friendly User Interface