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Congestion alleviation: Congestion prediction / signal control simulation

Congestion prediction / signal control simulation

Challenge (Proof of concept)

In Guiyang City, the provincial capital of Guizhou Province, China, due to economic growth and urbanization progress, traffic congestion in the city center is a major social problem.


NTT DATA collaborated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Software Research Laboratory to analyze large-scale traffic data collected through cameras for traffic management. We conducted a demonstration experiment to control about 220 traffic lights at the intersection of 19 Lake Yama Lake District in Guiyang City, China, by AI to optimize signal parameters by conducting congestion prediction / signal control simulation. As a result of considering the effect of alleviating congestion and improving the traffic throughput at the intersection, we confirmed that traffic congestion in the target area improved by 7% on average, 26% in maximum, and the traffic processing volume improved by an average of 6.7%.