Robotic Process Automation

Improving Process Performance with Automation Services

Robotic Process Automation is one of the important solutions in Digital and Automation journey, managing volume-driven work, eliminating tedious tasks previously done by human staff, and reducing as much as 30 percent of labor requirements on most business processes – all with a high degree of accuracy. By creating a digital workforce, and allowing human staff to be relegated to higher value tasks, this helps to streamline enterprise operations and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization.

The RAP penetration is real and happening at phenomenal pace, there for it is imperative for the businesses to adopt RPA, or be left behind by the competition.

NTT DATA Singapore partners with our clients for an overall digital journey. Automation brings quick and visible results and RPA hits at the manual layer of work in all business operational functions.

We provide holistic services for the entire lifecycle for RPA: consulting, creating the right solutions, implementation and support.

Product-wise, NTT DATA Singapore offers our home grown product, Office Robot (coming from NTT HQ R&D labs).

However, as we believe that there is no one product/solution for all automation needs, therefore – besides our own product – we partner with other RPA product companies as well, in order to offer an optimized solution with one or more product combinations.

NTT DATA in its unique way has embarked on Automation journey for our own business and have already implemented RPA for various processes in in our Finance, Administrative, Project Management, and Human Resource functions.

As the Automation journey – starting with RPA – moves along and becomes inclusive, intelligent and self-learning with Assistive intelligence set of technologies, you will be able to move valuable human workforce from manual work segments to higher value segments of any business.

“Automation is good, so long as you know exactly where to put the machine” - Eliyahu Goldratt