Tackle complex challenges with industry-specific solutions

With 7,000 industry-seasoned insurance resources globally, NTT DATA has a deep understanding of the issues currently facing the insurance business.

Gain Market Share in the Digital Era

Our full suite of scalable, end-to-end solutions for insurance carriers can help manage your organization’s evolving operating model, integrate the right technologies, and architect a digital future that achieves your business strategy.

Life, Annuity, Property and Casualty Insurance

NTT DATA provides solutions and services that cover legacy modernization, automated off-the-shelf that are essential to both Life & Annuity insurance and Property & Casualty insurance businesses. These solutions cover the entire value chain, including underwriting, claims, documentation, reinsurance, billing, and accounting.

  • Agent/Customer/Employee Self-Service Portals
    To give benefits of empowering agents to perform tasks themselves, NTT DATA not only builds and supports portals, but also integrates them with internal and external agencies.
  • Business Process Outsourcing Solutions
    Insurance organizations rely on us to provide customized yet cost-effective end-to-end process solutions to enable them to respond to market challenges and drive successful business outcomes. NTT DATA’s BPO solutions span the entire insurance industry value chain and include new business support, contract, and policy administration, claim adjudication and processing, customer service, finance and accounting functions.
  • Document and Content Management Solution
    Insurance is a document-intensive industry, and NTT DATA can help you by strategizing, supporting, and converting document management and content management systems, delivered in partnership with the top products.
  • Legacy Modernization
    From policy administration and claims management to distribution management, our Legacy Modernization solutions span the entire value chain, enabling you to bring your systems up to date, manageably and affordably. Through application portfolio assessments that produce immediate and incremental cost savings, many of our clients self-fund the transition to a new platform.


Property, casualty, life and annuity insurance companies rely on NTT DATA to support their facultative and treaty needs. NTT DATA has a deep experience working with reinsurance companies around the world. This combination of expertise enables us to deliver seamless solutions that integrate direct and reinsurance companies across multiple platforms and technologies.

We can help you do more, move faster, and better manage costs

Your Global Growth with Our Multinational Support

NTT DATA provides full vertical and horizontal solutions to Property & Causality (P&C), Life & Annuity and Reinsurance companies. With 7,000 industry-seasoned insurance resources globally, NTT DATA has a deep understanding of the issues currently facing the insurance business. We demonstrate a successful track record with major global insurers and can boast of more than 100 leading insurance companies as our clients. With all of the IT knowledge and resources now available to multinational insurance companies, we offer a growing number of options for you to do more, move faster, and better manage costs - all while reducing your exposure to risk.

End-to-End Insurance Solutions and Services

NTT DATA offers a portfolio of industry-leading solutions which provide advanced business insight while minimizing risk and cost for your business. Our offerings are scalable across large enterprises, start-ups, and small-to-mid-sized companies. We provide in-depth knowledge of insurance business process for P&C, Life and Reinsurance companies drawn from our local and global experience.

Core Policy Administration Systems

  • FirstGen - Property & Causality Policy Administration System

    As Property & Casualty insurers launch innovative new products to address the rapidly changing consumer demands, speed-to-market has emerged as an important factor in remaining ahead of the competition. Legacy core insurance applications have been largely monolithic, inflexible and unable to adapt with the required agility and speed to constantly changing market dynamics.

    Built on Java JEE technology FirstGen is a multi-line, web-based complete core solution for Property & Causality insurers that covers the full value chain of insurance operations. FirstGen is a future-ready application providing superior user experience, adaptive screens for mobile device access and broad configuration capabilities in areas of personalization and product definitions.

    FirstGen supports all classes of Property & Causality insurance to cater to the insurance industry's requirements. FirstGen makes full use of parameters, tables and rule engines for the configuration of products including rating and authorization levels.

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  • FirstLife - Life Policy Administration System

    One of the biggest challenges the Life & Annuities industry faces today is addressing the rapidly changing market demands with obsolete legacy systems. These systems do not automate routine tasks, unable to segment, distribute work, difficult to modify and are expensive to maintain.

    FirstLife is a client-centric system built on Java JEE technology. FirstLife is a comprehensive core insurance system addressing the need for modern technologies, better agility in responding to customer needs and ability to handle high growth in volumes. Designed to support the end-to-end Life and Annuity operations for all LOBs either as an integrated suite or as individual standalone business components.

    FirstLife is a web-based policy administration system supporting the complete cycle of life insurance operations. FirstLife is a single system for both traditional and unit linked plans. It supports all types of life insurance including - Pure term insurance, Endowments, Annuities, Pensions, Long-term care insurance, Health & disability insurance, Retirement and financial protection.

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  • FirstRe - Reinsurance System

    Reinsurers today face significant challenges of rapid business environment changes with the rise of natural and man-made disasters worldwide and increased focus on compliance and fi¬nancial controls. Lack of real-time global view of exposures in various businesses across nations represents a key issue for global players.

    FirstRe addresses global and country-specific operational, processing and reporting needs. FirstRe is fully integrated solution developed specifically for the Professional Reinsurance market that facilitates processing of both assumed and ceded reinsurance businesses. Operational and business process support for both Treaties (Proportional and Non-Proportional) and Facultative Contracts (Property, Marine, Casualty, Life, Accident, Disability, etc.) is catered for, as well as handling Direct and Retrocession businesses, providing cohesiveness between Reinsurance Underwriting, Claims, Retrocession, Risk Accumulation & Control and Accounting.

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NTT DATA Channel Portal (NCP)

In an ever-changing insurance industry landscape only insurers who can provide a superior customer experience compared to their competitors can survive and progress.

NCP solution is designed to address the needs of insurers looking to enhance their distribution service capabilities and offer superior experience to their customers and producers. NCP is designed to serve the needs and provide superior experience to end customers, agents, brokers, affinity and white-label partners, as well as to enable the sales & marketing staff of the insurer to better manage and service these various channels.

NCP is a multi-device application, accessible through desktops and various mobile devices. It is designed to easily integrate to any downstream commercial or legacy core insurance application to provide an array of customer servicing facilities across the quotation, policy servicing, claims, billing and other key business processes.

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