Technology Solutions

Provide high-quality technical support from a comprehensive program menu

Oracle Technology Professional Services

NTT DATA Oracle Technology Professional Services is a technical assistance service provided by our engineers who have thorough, proven experience gained from many joint technical verifications and regular technical information exchanges with Oracle. We provide high-quality technical support from a comprehensive program menu that runs the gamut of the customer’s system lifecycle, from planning, requirement definition, design, development, and testing, all the way through operation. Our Professional Services cover full Oracle technologies space from Hardware to Software.

Oracle Technology Expertise in Oracle Technologies space

NTT DATA holds several Oracle specializations in Technologies space. Oracle’s Specialization Program allows the most experienced and committed partners to differentiate themselves and gain a competitive edge by demonstrating their expertise in Oracle technologies.


Oracle Engineered Systems Solutions

NTT DATA offers the Oracle Exadata, an Oracle Engineered Systems Solution which provides the highest-performing and most-available infrastructure for running the Oracle Database. The Exadata solution can reduce the cost and complexity of IT infrastructures while increasing productivity and performance. We offer end-to-end services including PoC (Proof of Concept) service, consolidation assessment, capacity planning, implementation, migration, security design and support services.

Oracle in the cloud

NTT DATA can help you choose the right cloud adoption strategy and unlock the benefits of Oracle and the cloud with smart, flexible, and secure private cloud hosting for Oracle workloads. What’s more, as an Oracle partner for more than 20 years with a dedicated Center of Excellence for both cloud and Oracle technologies, NTT DATA can help you increase the speed and lower the risk of migrations and implementations.

Advisory Services

NTT DATA’s Oracle-in-the-Cloud enables you to migrate or build mission-critical Oracle applications in the cloud faster and with less risk, available as a flexible consumption-based pricing model