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NTT DATA Vietnam’s manufacturing solutions help optimize the end-to-end processes for the entire lifecycle of your products, from new product development, recipe management, and production to cost, quality, and regulatory management.

Revolutionize Operations With Smart Factory Technologies

Our Solutions


NTT DATA Vietnam offers the preconfigured solutions for automotive companies, regardless of whether they are OEM, supplier or car dealer, to manage their entire value chain from end-to-end in order to engage their customers in collaborative product designs and development while managing their entire product lifecycle.


SCM Solutions for Manufacturing

The expansion of supply chain across the world has increased the competition and operation cost. Therefore, manufacturers must have ability to manage the entire value chain from end-to-end. NTT DATA Vietnam provides solutions and services that help Manufacturers in Supply chain management such as:

  • L-series Warehousing for Warehouse & Stock Management
  • L-series Distribution for Purchase & Sales Order Management
  • L-series Smartsales for Sales Force Automation


Production management Solution for Manufacturers (ProductionMaster)

ProductionMaster is the production control system which focuses on manufacturing companies in Vietnam. Key concepts of this system are “Easy to use”, ”Easy to implement” and “Easy to operate”. NTT DATA Vietnam has implemented many useful functions, accumulated excellent experiences in manufacturing industry from Japan. Manufacturing companies could do the PDCA cycle with using information or progress information from Japan.


Workflow system for Manufacturing

Nowadays, businesses must be able to gain an insight and understand the value of the request data systemization in order to save time and accelerate the business performance by applying the workflow system.

NTT DATA Vietnam can help enterprises unlock this business value from mountains of data with W-Series. W-Series is a Web package solution that systematizes all internal applications required to submit/ approve/ review by using Workflow. This solution helps to improve business compliance and efficiency.


BI and Analytics for Manufacturing

Through a tool-agnostic and process-centric approach, NTT DATA Vietnam offers comprehensive BI & Analytics services that can help enterprises make faster informed decisions and optimize business performance across the entire enterprise, from strategies and assessments to capabilities of migration, upgrade, implementation, and support, etc.

NTT DATA is one of leaders in BI technology, providing best-in-class business and industry solutions, such as Revenue analysis, Stock analysis, and other NTT DATA Vietnam BI Applications (BI Apps), for quick and cost-effective implementations.


CAD/CAM for Manufacturing

This is the leading industrial design and manufacturing solution for the Mould & Die industries.

Space-E is well-fitting with process manufacturer, Die-casting / Press / Forging / Injection / Machining and etc.



Cheap labor, favorable investment environment, impressive domestic market development are the reasons why Vietnam become one of the Southeast Asian countries that receive investment from many foreign enterprises.

However, the geographical disperse of manufacturing operation bases cause the difficulties in process management, information sharing among manufacturing bases. In addition, the high raw material costs and the global competition also affects to business profit margins. To deal with these challenges, manufacturers need to optimize the entire product lifecycle and related processes to improve operating costs and enhance the flexibility in business activities.

NTT DATA Vietnam’s manufacturing solutions help enterprises optimize the end-to-end processes for the entire lifecycle of products, from new product development, recipe management, and production planning to cost, quality, and regulatory management, etc.

In addition, to be suitable with Asian enterprises, NTT DATA Vietnam’s solutions are “Easy to install”, “Easy to use” and “Easy to operate”, with many functions to meet manufacturers’ requirement.

Streamline your manufacturing operations and go to market with the speed and agility that the marketplace demands. Our next-generation high-performance manufacturing solution supplies the business infrastructure you need toadapt and innovate.

Easy to install, easy to use and easy to operate