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SCM Solution for Local Distributors and Wholesalers

Based on valuable requirements collected from customers in developing countries and Japan, NTT DATA Vietnam provides an integrated SCM solution called L-Series. This solution has many useful and suitable features for Asian enterprises as following:

SCM Solution for Local Distributors and Wholesalers

To help enterprises optimize their supply chain management, NTT DATA Vietnam provides solution lineups and services such as:

  • L-series Warehousing for Warehouse & Stock Management
  • L-series Distribution for Purchase & Sales Order Management
  • L-series Smartsales for Sales Force Automation
  • L-series Transport for domestic Transportation Management
  • L-series Tracking for international Transportation Management


BI & Analytics for Distributors and Wholesalers

Through a tool-agnostic and process-centric approach, NTT DATA Vietnam offers comprehensive BI & Analytics services that can help enterprises make faster informed decisions and optimize business performance across the entire enterprise, from strategies and assessments to capabilities of migration, upgrade, implementation, and support, etc.

NTT DATA is one of leaders in BI technology, providing best-in-class business and industry solutions, such as Revenue analysis, Stock analysis, and other NTT DATA Vietnam BI Applications (BI Apps), for quick and cost-effective implementations.



The trends of wholesales and distribution has transformed rapidly. The past measures of success and traditional views of competitions become obsolete, when companies take advantages of technology to reshape their partner relationships, service offerings, performance metrics etc. across all aspects of the distribution and supply chain’s demands. At NTT DATA Vietnam, we help distributors and wholesalers satisfy requirements of profitability and maintain the sustainable development with a real-world solution. This solution aligns with enterprises’ human and capital resources as well as supports enterprises to gain competitive advantages in the market.

In addition, to be suitable with Asian enterprises, NTT DATA Vietnam has developed solutions based on many business requirements from developing countries and Japan. The basic features are “Possible to start small”, “Easy to use” and “Flexible functions”.

We help distribution wholesalers profitably and prudently satisfy these requirements with a real-world solution that is aligned with the realities of your human and capital resources while focused on gaining competitive advantage.

Possible to start small, Easy to use, Flexible function