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Government Solutions

Support the public administration reform with online public services

We provide systems and services designed toward safety, convenience and prosperity of society through utilizing new technology and applying experience from achievements in providing solutions for Japanese government.

Our Solutions

Whether your goal is to create a customer-centric enterprise, move to the cloud, gain data-driven intelligence, or establish IT-driven value creation services, the NTT DATA retail and CPG practice offers a wide range of solutions and services to make your digital business a success:

Digital archive service AMLAD

NTT DATA's digital archive service AMLAD™*1 (Advanced Museum Library Archives Deposit) is a service that enable to preserve and disseminate valuable ancient books, manuscripts, prints, visual and audio data, business documents,… of Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums, Enterprises, etc. into digital data, not only for storage, but also for presentation to the public as indexed data searchable from computers, smartphones, and tablets.


E-Application Solution

E-Application solution is one solution that brings about higher quality and more cost effective government services and better relationships between citizens, businesses and government. These services allow to access goverment wide information sharing system through single-window online portal. These deal with a lot of duplication and redundancy among different goverment departments by using intergated- systems with a common standard interface. This solution can respond widely to each service such as electronic signature, payment services, information on legislative/administrative notices and relevant laws, etc.

Prexifort OCR - optical character recognition solution

NTT DATA's Prexifort-OCR is an optical character recognition solution. It extracts character information from scanned images with hand-written or printed characters into text data. Introducing Prexifort-OCR improves work efficiency and quality, centered around public office. Prexifort-OCR is essential for efficiently accepting various applications of as many as 20,000 people per day, per office and input its data.


WinDirector / WinActor - Robotic Process Automation solution

Office Robot can automate various operations thanks to its great capacity for adaptability. Without having special knowledge nor skills, users can achieve business improvement with Office Robot’s strong support. WinActor, the software solution helps companies to reduce their office workloads by automating repetitive operations performed with Windows computers. This will help companies deal with labor shortages and changing workstyles.


Workflow Solution – Intra-mart

NTT DATA’s Workflow is one solution that dynamically manages business processes and monitors the state of activities in a workflow such as the processing and approval of a goods purchase application form, and determines which new activity to transition to according to defined processes. End-user can proceed a workflow even if they don’t know the flow in corporation with the document. It is the number one in the “Workflow market” field for 9th consecutive year in Japan. Intra-mart workflow has many years of experience with more than 5300 companies have been applied. So it should be strengthened to provide completed workflow features which are met the needs of the businesses.


Airpalette Solutions

Airpalette is an advanced, versatile, and unique line of products that improves management of air traffic and airspace safety, economically and efficiently.

The products are as follows:

  • PANADES : that is an integrated software package for Flight Procedure Design compliant to ICAO PANS OPS Criteria
  • Airpalette eTOD : that is the world’s only terrain / obstacle data provision service
  • Airpalette 3D Simulator : that is an innovative Air Traffic Controller Training System and can be fully configured to simulate air traffic situations
  • Airpalette RDP : that is an advanced Radar Data Processing system that supports aviation safety in overcrowded airspaces
  • Airpalette ATFM : that is an Air Traffic Flow Management system that balances traffic demand and available capacity of airspace and airport
  • Airpalette UTM : that is a UAS Traffic Management system that supports the management and operation of sUAS (small Unmanned Aircraft System) based on the principles of safety, security, and risk management.

Through NTT DATA's numerous products and services (the various colors of the palette), we can help you take the first step into a new generation of CNS/ATM.


With many years of experience in providing solutions for e-government in Japan as well as in many other countries around the world, we are proud of our achievements in supporting the public administration reform with online public services. Our solutions for public administrations always apply new technologies, international standards that contribute to reducing time and effort on implementing public administrative procedures.


* RPA: Robotic Process Automation

Made in Japan

NTT DATA has lots of experience and achievements in providing solutions for the administrative reforms of central government as well as local government in Japan. NTT DATA Vietnam will provide such solutions and such know-how to Vietnamese government for the administrative reforms. Our solution is the result of consolidating of NTT DATA’s technology expertise and know-how gained in many years. We ensure high quality services delivery

Global standard & Japanese standard

Being compliance with global standards.
Being compliance with standards decided by the Japanese government, having achieved high quality and high reliability required by the Japanese government.

Easy localization

Simple & easy integration with your current systems (external system linkages are available)
Flexible to be customized to your requirements.
Available add-on & plug-in for quick customizations.

Delivery model

NTT DATA Vietnam directly provides and supports each solution.
We also collaborate with local vendors to provide solutions for government.

New technologies & International standards