NTT DATA Technology Foresight 2024

NTT DATA Technology Foresight 2024

A Compass for the Present and Future of IT and Business

NTT DATA Technology Foresight serves as a compass that provides a trend-setting guide to where businesses are headed based on extensive and objective information gathering and an examination of the current conditions of businesses that continue to grow by maximizing their use of IT. The "Introduction" section reconfirms the concepts behind basic trends and the relationship between business, society, and IT, while the "Technology Trends" section details the direction in which IT is evolving and provides insight into future corporate strategies. We hope that this report, which is directly related to our technology strategy, will be of help to those of you who are using IT to meet the many challenges of a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world.






Case Studies

Initiatives at NTT DATA to Achieve Business Innovations Using Generative AI

NTT Data is transforming our customers’ businesses through the use of Generative AI. The explosive AI trend that NTT DATA Technology Foresight has been following for six years became Generative AI, an innovative technology that has captured the attention of business, while the use of Generative AI has spread across a variety of areas including business writing, assisting experts, customer service, and software development. On the other hand, given the fact that the data generated through Generative AI bears the unique characteristic of having been created by AI, issues such as the copyright or authenticity of the generated data have surfaced to spark societal debates.
At present, NTT DATA has established the “Global Generative AI Office” to move forward Generative AI business along two different axes: utilizing Generative AI at the global level and addressing AI governance. We are using Generative AI to support internal activities such as software development and knowledge sharing at NTT DATA in order to improve our own productivity and are also working to provide our customers with solutions and new business use cases involving the use of Generative AI. By preparing guidelines to minimize the various risks associated with Generative AI and expanding them around the world, we have also prepared a system that allows us to provide our customers solutions safely and with peace of mind. Furthermore, using “tsuzumi,” the Generative AI solution by NTT, we are working on research and development to provide Generative AIs specific to industries and individual companies.
Going forward, NTT DATA will continue to maximize combinations of our global solutions and data center capabilities with Generative AI further optimizing our business operations, supporting the innovation and growth of our customers’ businesses, and pursuing engagements meant to facilitate the next stages of evolution in AI.

Digital Twins Open New Business Horizons

In recent years, advances in sensor technology and 3D modeling technology have led to the business use of digital twins. The use of digital twin technology is expected to improve the efficiency and flexibility of development and manufacturing processes, and will accelerate innovation, especially in the manufacturing, medical, and construction industries. NTT DATA verifies and evaluates digital twin-related technologies and conducts co-creation R&D with advanced customers based on these results. Using our accumulated know-how and knowledge, we also support the implementation of digital twin systems that meet the needs and applications of our customers.
As a specific example, NTT DATA worked with NVIDIA and FANUC Deutschland GmbH to create a digital twin of a manufacturing site, including a FANUC robot arm. By using private 5G, information such as the orientation and color of objects acquired from the camera was immediately reflected on the digital twin side, and the simulation results within the digital twin were verified by reproducing them with a real robot arm. Taking advantage of the digital twin, we are also working on conducting tests in scenarios that would be difficult to achieve in the real world and obtaining training data for AI models for automated control.
Through these activities, we are to co-create value with our clients in Japan and abroad.