Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities

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We have various initiatives related to energy and utilities industry, including in the areas of "Smart City".

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Energy management is the core of your business and regulatory compliance its governing force. The way we produce, manage, market and consume natural resources is rapidly changing and IT is expected to respond with agility and efficiency. As regulations tighten and distribution infrastructures age, you face growing pressure to implement renewable energy and modern technology, which can be expensive and complex. With a full range of IT solutions for oil, gas and utility industries, we can optimize your processes to resolve operational, commercial and energy management challenges.

Establishment of NTT DATA Innovation Laboratories Bandung

Indonesia’s IT investment is expected to experience a particularly rapid growth in this fast growing Asia Pacific region. Indonesia is also facing an increasing need for establishing “Smart Communities” where IT is leveraged to improve energy infrastructure and city transport to resolve rising urban issues.

In order to tackle the social challenges in catering to such a need, and to pursue smart community related research in Indonesia, we have launched NTT DATA Indonesia Innovation Laboratories Bandung in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB: Institute of Technology Bandung.)

As part of our industry-academia collaboration effort, NTT DATA Indonesia launched in May 2012 a research project on big data management based on an open cloud concept (Project Lead: Prof. Jiro Kokuryo, Keio Research Institute at SFC) with SOI Asia project ※1, an internet education and research base operated by Keio Research Institute at SFC for 28 leading universities from 14 countries in Asia.

NTT DATA Indonesia Innovation Laboratories Bandung will work in close cooperation with JSCA Bandung taskforce ※2, ITB and Keio Research Institute at SFC to study IT platform for smart community in Indonesia and develop innovative IT services through open innovation across industry, government and academia.

  • ※1 WSOI Asia Project
    SOI Asia Project (School on Internet Asia Project) is a collaborative project between Keio Research Institute at SFC and leading technological universities in Asia that conducts research and operation of the broadband internet infrastructure launched in 1996. Lectures have been shared since 2001 and entrepreneur-supporting activities (incubation) started in 2008.
  • ※2 JSCA Bandung Taskforce
    This is a taskforce launched in November 2013 under Japan Smart Community Alliance (JSCA), the department in charge of smart community in the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). It aims to promote smart community introduction in Bandung, Indonesia.
  • ※3 Japan Smart Community Alliance (

Leveraging over $2 billion annually, NTT Group employs more than 6,000 researchers in innovation centers around the globe to develop new technologies and use cases for digital transformation in industries such as utilities, energy, health, retail and insurance.

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