Manufactures and High Tech

Manufactures and High Tech

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We offer wide range of solutions for Manufacturing industry.

Optimize processes through the entire product lifecycle

Whether you work with legacy systems or processes, you still need to innovate. Our high-tech manufacturing solutions open the door to unprecedented opportunities by optimizing factory and business processes to boost productivity.

Our Solutions

NTT DATA Indonesia offers wide range of solutions for Electronics and High tech, and Manufacturing industries.


Space-E is the leading industrial design and manufacturing solution for the Mold & Die industries. Space-E is well-fitting with process manufacturer, die-casting / press / forging / injection / machining industries. Space-E modules including:

  • Space-E/Modeler
    A flexible modeling environment together with surface and solid functions. Our surface modeling is the best in Japanese market and will enable creation and edit of complex free form shape for automotive and home electronics parts.
  • Space-E/Mold
    Fulfills functions to support injection mold designers covered concept design to details design. Total mold design system that support the CAM using design data.
  • Space-E/Press
    Gathers the technology cultivated by Space-E series. It is a CAD/CAM/CAE system in 3D that realize drawing of press die.
  • Space-E/Global Deformation Import
    The Springback simulation results that is calculated by the external program (CAE), deform the data in Modeler. Corresponds to forward/back deform that expect the results of simulation to opposite side.
  • Space-E/CAM
    Generate NC data automatically by supporting machining process design and create tool-paths faster, more precisely by supporting very rich sets of cutting functions.
  • Space-E/CAM 5 Axis Support
    A variety tool axis control mode and improve the cutting accuracy and make effective cutting in 3.5D to 5 Axis Conversion. Substantial support functions for NC data such as Post and Machine Simulation.
  • Space-E/CAM Hybrid 2D
    Extract Countour function, 2D cutting function (drilling, wire cutting), Post, and Path editor from Space-E/CAM.

Darwin Vue

Darwin Vue is a powerful 3D communication tool used to support technical discussion regarding concept mold design: multi-CAD viewer, PL drawings, variety of functions of measurement and adding annotations, and "Comment Tree" - communication history between Maker and suppliers

Integrate Factory, Supply Chain and Business Operations

In this global economy, high-tech manufacturers face a myriad of challenges We can help. We know that new technologies provide you with unprecedented opportunities, and we show you the ways information, data communication, and data processing technologies can be implemented and used in every element of the manufacturing enterprise. Improve timely delivery of materials; factory floor activity, shipping and strategic planning. And boost productivity through key technologies including virtualization, cloud, mobility and social media. Be the smart factory of the future.

Streamline your manufacturing operations and go to market with the speed and agility that the marketplace demands. Our next-generation high-performance manufacturing solution supplies the business infrastructure you need to adapt and innovate.

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