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Our Solutions

Blockchain for Automotive Industry

Digital technologies such as blockchain are improving visibility and security across the automotive supply chain and offering vast potential to improve global trade. Blockchain technology has the potential to transform on how an automotive company sharing its data and conduct business by enabling users to send and receive records securely and transparently.

Our blockchain consulting team will help you to understand the potential of blockchain and defining your business strategy. Blockchain helps to track the vehicle order placement in an efficient way because

  • Matching of different notations of same order across multiple systems
  • Data trust enabled owing to the fact that information in Blockchain is immutable
  • Helps overseas dealers to get the status of the order placement with warehouses without delay
  • Customer satisfaction as he/she gets information on delivery of the items without delay

It creates customer benefit as below:

Increased Transparency: Helping dealers and warehouse users to track their orders instantly without the need from IT teams or Logistics company to get the status of the delivery.

Automation of Manual Reports: The automation of reports helps user to track all the orders.

Improved Customer Experience: Dealers can provide accurate status to End customers on the delivery of the spare parts.

Agile Professional Services

Agile Professional Services

NTT DATA has specialist groups in Agile Development services. We work for client success with Agile knowledge and skill. Furthermore we have established and are still developing advanced offerings for continuous improvement.

  • Agile-DevOps Cloud Solution is a One-Stop-Solution for the Organizations DevOps Transformations
  • It is a customized Agile-DevOps solution platform that can help organizations to solve their challenges, complexities and putting right DevOps tools and right solutions in place.
  • Besides providing Solutions, we also provide Platform, solutions, Knowledge Transitions, Training, Consultations, support and helps organization in their complete Agile-DevOps Transformations

Digital Transformation

Today’s automotive industry have been shaped mainly due to the changes and integration with digital technology.
Automotive industry need to embrace digital technologies as part as their core DNA. The Rise of Millennials and Digital Natives push an auto industry to meet consumer demands in equipping vehicles with digitally enhanced experiences. Businesses need to use technology and implement systems that look into flexibility, scalability and interoperability.

NTT DATA helps auto companies to build and achieve sustainable competitive advantages by using intelligent technologies and effective use of predictive and real-time analytics. Adapt business and governance models to changing customer desires and market dynamics.

Digital governance

  • Build Next Gen data eco-systems that set the foundation for achieving operational excellence
  • Retail process standardization and CRM integration
  • Enable proactive monitoring of KPI’s, operations, systems, & infrastructure

Customer Analytics, Insight & Optimization

  • Transform data into enterprise information assets
  • Create predictive & prescriptive models & algorithms for advanced pattern recognition
  • Enable predictive & prescriptive analytics that create actionable Insights

Social Intelligence

  • Gather & aggregate opinions, sentiments, preferences, & market trends on products & services through social channels
  • Analyze & Optimize products & services to align with customer preferences & trends
  • Gain new customers through an innovative web presence

Connected Enterprise

  • Provide multi-channel access, storage, & synchronization of data throughout the data eco-system
  • Enable digital delivery of information – Anytime, Anywhere


In this near future, the next phase of evolution of the auto industry will be defined by more consumer-centric approaches to cars and mobility that are reflected throughout the entire value chain. Auto OEMs will need to begin to find ways to derive and drive value from technology-fuelled social forces such as the Sharing Economy and Social Network of Things – or risk rapidly becoming irrelevant within a decade.

NTT DATA has been interested in intelligent mobility (i-Mobility) for a decade now, as cities around the globe are becoming “Smart Cities”. In order to shape automobile industry’s future, we support companies by examining their business models, and partnering for the development of future mobility concepts.


As the automotive market in developed countries is maturing and shrinking, but on the other hand, expanding in emerging economies, the market needs in this industry are getting increasingly diverse and complex. While there is no doubt that demand for new, clean-energy cars such HVs/PHVs and EVs is expected to increase, automobile companies also need to address the emerging markets’ growing demand for low-cost, conventional vehicles.

To survive and grow in the industry, enterprises should further strengthen the collaboration across all tiers of its complex supply chain, from small suppliers, subcontractors, and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to car dealers and service stations. Companies in all tiers of the supply chain must be able to manage the entire value chain from end to end in order to attract their clients with their suitable design and reasonable price.

NTT DATA has various track-records of tailor-made system development for a wide range of business areas with sufficient industry knowledge and expertise for Automotive Industry operations.
NTT DATA technologies have enabled automotive services and solutions to help the industry optimize product lifecycle, product development, recipe management while reducing the cost and increasing the quality.

NTT DATA combines strong local capabilities with the experience of global roll outs of technology based solutions to optimize both internal processes and customer experience leading to long term competitive advantage.

Help you optimize the end-to-end processes for the entire lifecycle of your products