We deliver technology-enabled services and solutions to the Retail industry

We deliver technology-enabled services and solutions to the Retail, Services and Hospitality industries.

NTT DATA’s solutions provide retailers with secure, end-to-end sales and finance management systems

Our Solutions

GRIPS - Geolocation, Recommended, Interactive and Promoted Solution

GRIPS (Geolocation, Recommended, Interactive and Promoted Solution) is a NTT Data Malaysia’s proprietary technology driven solution built on the principal of proximity marketing. Utilizing technology from RFID to Wi-Fi and Mobile Data, GRIPS can provide consumer behavior analysis, heat map and customers’ loyalty program, push notification, and navigation solution with indoor GPS.

NTT Data provides an alternative platform for business owners to analyze, attract and keep their customers while improving the end customer experience of brand.

Help you derive more value across your entire retail operations

Regardless of being in retail, service, hospitality or any industry, the key revenue activities evolve around consumers. Mainly it is driven by consumers spending behaviour and consumer state of emotion at that moment in time.
Hence, business owner found it challenging to attract and maintain their customers. To overcome these, business owner need to constantly re-innovate their marketing strategies to attract the customer to their businesses.

Help you attract new customers and strengthen relationships with popular, user-friendly features

RFID technology could make possible the creation of a detailed profile of an individual consumer's buying habits.