NTT DATA Singapore awarded tender by EV-Electric Charging Pte Ltd. (EVe) for deploying seamless EV charging experiences

NTT DATA Singapore awarded tender by EV-Electric Charging Pte Ltd. (EVe) for deploying seamless EV charging experiences.

SINGAPORE, October 2023 — NTT DATA Singapore (NTT DATA), a trusted global innovator of IT and business services, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Electric Vehicle (EV) ecosystem orchestrator EV-Electric Charging Pte Ltd. (EVe), a subsidiary of the Land Transport Authority (LTA). NTT DATA will provide an innovative Data Platform, bolstering EVe's mission to deploy a nationwide network of Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCP) in Singapore and upgrade the supporting electrical infrastructure.
This collaboration aims to facilitate seamless EV charging experiences and create actionable insights for the rapidly evolving EV landscape. NTT DATA emerged as the ideal partner, winning the tender through a compelling proposal and a track record of success in the EV domain globally.

“We are delighted to collaborate with EV-Electric Charging Pte. Ltd. (EVe) to deploy a nation-wide EV charging network fueled by our industry-leading E-Mobility Data Platform. As a partner in enabling the transformation of the rapidly evolving EV landscape in Singapore and globally, NTT DATA Group’s Next Mobility Business Suite provides advanced data aggregation and analytics capabilities to decrease operational inefficiencies, improve user experiences with revenue-focused insights and ultimately contribute to our Unified Sustainability Mission,” said Noriyuki Kaya, Chief Digital Assets Officer at NTT DATA, Inc.

A Sustainable EV Ecosystem

EVe will be deploying EV chargers across nearly 2,000 Housing and Development Board (HDB) car parks in Singapore by 2025. In recognition of the importance of data-driven insights for optimizing electric vehicle charging networks, EVe has chosen NTT DATA’s E-Mobility Data Platform, a key module of the NTT DATA Next Mobility Business Suite (NXT2). This platform will aggregate information from EV Charging Operators (EVCO), analyze the data, and generate revenue-focused insights.

“This engagement is important for NTT DATA Group because it is a tangible example of how we can combine NTT DATA capabilities including deep industry capabilities and experience from Europe, regional domain & delivery expertise for EV-Electric Charging Pte. Ltd. This will be accelerated in the coming months, to elevate innovation & digitalization in APAC”, said Sai Sekar, Head of Global Industry at NTT DATA Corporation.

The partnership allows EVe to leverage this innovative solution to enhance operational efficiency, improve user experiences, and contribute to sustainability efforts.

“We are delighted to have NTT DATA on board for this cornerstone project. EVe aims to empower the journeys of all EV motorists, especially HDB residents. This project will allow EVe to harness real-time data insights across 2,000 HDB car parks, enabling us to enhance the user’s experience and make EV charging accessible everywhere, and available every day, every time”, said Derek Tan, CEO of EVe.

Some of the key objectives of the E-Mobility Data Platform will include:

  • Data Aggregation: Collecting real-time EV charging utilisation data, including usage patterns, station availability, and power consumption, enabling effective network monitoring and management.
  • User Experience Enhancement: Intuitive and seamless UX/UI design for effortless navigation and enhanced user satisfaction.
  • Sustainability Insights: By providing data on energy consumption and emissions reductions, the platform quantifies and communicates EVe's environmental impact, aligning with sustainability goals.
  • Scalability: Designed to seamlessly accommodate EVe's expanding network, the platform remains effective as the company scales up its charging infrastructure.

As part of the collaboration, NTT DATA’s NXT E-Mobility Data Platform (NXT-EDP) will enhance business intelligence, data analytics, and data warehousing capabilities. This strategic move is in line with NTT DATA's commitment to studying emerging technologies and collaborating with clients on joint research and development projects.

“NTT DATA Singapore is immensely proud of this milestone win, and our extensive experience in managing complex EV projects worldwide has resonated with EVe's requirements. Our expertise in data analytics enables us to craft tailored solutions that not only provide immediate value, but also offer scalability and future-proofing capabilities. This aligns seamlessly with EVe's vision of creating a dynamic and sustainable EV ecosystem and we look forward to our collaboration and partnership in shaping the nationwide EV adoption journey in Singapore.,” said Krishnappan Ramanathan, Managing Director, NTT DATA Singapore.


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