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Advancing Pandemic Response through AI-powered Solutions for Healthcare

Technology is being deployed in diverse ways to alleviate challenges in healthcare especially in fighting a pandemic and novel diseases. This has placed digital health technology in high focus – triggering a never before demand for solutions for screening, tracking infection and prioritizing allocation of much-needed resources.

GENKI: Medical Imaging AI Solution

GENKI is a radiology AI solution for Public Health Screening developed by NTT DATA along with its technology partner, DeepTek Inc. It leverages cutting edge AI solutions for analyzing Chest X-Rays and CT scans to triage over 17 different chest pathologies and delivers comprehensive value in terms of public health monitoring and management.

Did you know?
GENKI is a Japanese word describing “good health” and “well-being.”

GENKI for COVID-19 Diagnostics

NTT DATA and DeepTek offers a unique approach to mass public health screening through the GENKI platform. It is a secure and compliant web-based framework that includes an AI based tool for pre-screening and diagnosing the underlying chest pathology, and rapidly generating the radiology report.

Key features

  • Comprehensive End-to-end Platform: Digital dashboard for live case tracking for seamless information and workflow management across all stakeholders.
  • Uncompromised Accuracy: AI model results demonstrated ~97% sensitivity and ~95% accuracy through various tests. Bundled with human “expert in the loop” service ensures that the AI models are tuned to the local source of data and local cohort conditions before being deployed into fully automated mode.
  • Ease of use and Smart Reporting: RSNA recommended standardized, instantaneous, electronic report for timely treatment with suggestions to guide follow-up interventions.
  • Scalable and cost effective: Compared to bio-chemical tests, x-rays prove to be far less costly and time-consuming in conducting initial screenings, especially in increasing patient volumes.

Use Cases

The solution can be used at hospitals or in mobile x-ray vans at hotspots. It analyzes scans within minutes to categorize patients into those needing home quarantine or hospitalization - with isolation or without isolation.

Value and Limitations:

RT-PCR test remains to be the only confirmatory test today for COVID-19 detection. GENKI platform is positioned to provide a faster, cost-effective solution for diagnosis and management of COVID-19 aimed to reduce burden on healthcare systems in facilitating triage and hospitalization.
Apart from medical imaging findings, the solution considers co-morbidity, other symptoms, contact risk, and blood oxygen level to aptly recommend higher investigations (like RT-PCR / CT scan / Physician consultation) or home quarantine or hospitalization - with or without isolation.


Learn more about GENKI and understand the usability of AI technology in diagnoses of infections with the new coronavirus through extensive proof-of-concept efforts at medical settings and case studies.