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Media and Entertainment

NTT DATA supports the creation, implementation, and maintenance of innovative systems

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Advances in mobile, video, and wireless technologies have ignited an explosion in the growth of streaming services. NTT Data help you figure out how to create tailored customer experiences when there is mass customization of experience across all content, advertising, and brands.

Media Asset Management

The media industry is evolving rapidly in terms of digital platforms, content transmission, technological infrastructure, and audience needs. To stay competitive, media companies need to put together digital assets quickly, from production to delivery. Given the large number and total volume of files handled, granting easy access to staff members can be a challenge, whether it’s for simple retrieval, editing, or archiving.

NTT DATA aids companies in this sector through media asset management systems conducive to rapid archiving and searching. Our system’s strong security, user-friendly interface, and flexible customization options can fit any media company’s needs.

Subscription Data Analytics

Media companies ultimately take a customer-centric approach where they must craft products that satisfy and appeal deeply to their consumers if they are to keep thriving. Every product must ideally be informed by the demands of the audience while distinguishing itself from the work of competitors.

Drawing from its strong knowledge of business intelligence, NTT DATA implements subscription data analytics to give you in-depth information about your target market and their subscription habits, consolidating raw data into insights that can be concretely incorporated into your strategy. It gives you a bird’s eye view of subscriber behavior as well as a deep dive of what your consumers want—keys to creating more marketable products and attracting revenue.


The greatest challenge for a media company is two-fold: attracting the attention of first-time customers, then transforming them into consistent consumers. What sets successful media and entertainment businesses apart are the quality and delivery of their content. Aside from producing content that appeals deeply to consumers, companies must also deliver these in a timely, accurate manner and monetize these through targeted marketing.

NTT DATA supports the creation, implementation, and maintenance of innovative systems that help your company navigate sweeping changes in the field. In line with new business models, these solutions account for both internal management and consumer and audience demands.

“Media companies will be challenged to maintain or increase content quality while finding ways to extract maximum value. In the past, value was driven by content scarcity. Today’s always-on, multi-window world demands new ways to deliver value.”

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