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NTT DATA’s manufacturing solutions help optimize the end-to-end processes for the entire lifecycle of your products, from new product development, recipe management, and production to cost, quality, and regulatory management.

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Smart operations leverage business and engineering intelligence and analytics, while smart supply chains provide end-to-end visibility. Smart customer connection solutions enable seamless sales and marketing engagement, and smart workforce solutions empower employees.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

To address the need for rapid product delivery while maintaining quality standards in manufacturing companies, NTT DATA offers comprehensive ERP solutions aligned with your business processes.

In supporting your ERP environments and business processes, we bring leading-edge technology and significant depth and breadth of experience. We provide consulting, implementation, and support services for Oracle E-Business Suite, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and SAP ERP.

Proactive System Maintenance

Delivering products efficiently and optimizing the production chain are two of the key goals of manufacturing companies. Because of the pressure to continuously improve on their current model as well as market dynamics, companies tend to require frequent updates or maintenance of their IT systems.

Part of our continually evolving practice is managing the technology infrastructure, applications, and support of the companies we handle. This encompasses a wide number of areas, from customer support to maintenance contracts. Our dedicated team of administrators acts as a reliable point of contact, performing clean-up operations and offering dependable advice for technology refresh to give you the highest level of service and expertise.


A major factor influencing the efficiency of your product lifecycle is your internal management: bringing products to the market quickly is dependent on how streamlined the workflow of your employees are. Whether you’re looking for a system that stores employee records neatly or simply software to automate your HR processes, HR*Wizard helps you optimizes your human resource management, with benefits such as measurable return on investment via reduced costs, improved productivity and security, and the facilitating timely payroll.

Used by a wide range of businesses since 2008, HR*Wizard keeps track of employee attendance, leaves, movement history, and applications, with employees actively engaged as they can do self-service. Benefits, performance management, and shift scheduling are also included in its modules.

Business Productivity Platform

Having helped many of the manufacturing industry’s leading companies for more than a decade, our technology-enabled solutions are agile and cost-effective. Through a well-planned business infrastructure, your company can take advantage of seamless communication and digital collaboration among your different business units even when dispersed geographically. Files, data, and other resources are easily shared across the system without compromising security, and information is stored in an organized, easy-to-retrieve manner.

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration platform that can help you improve efficiency and security by centralizing and automating key areas of your operations such as your social communication, knowledge management, team communication, calendar and task management, version control, documents and records management, workflow, and approvals.

NTT DATA help you optimize the end-to-end processes

Manufacturing companies must grapple with the increasing pressure to meet changing customer and market demands while handling geographical dispersion and varying local or regional market requirements. Processes can be difficult to execute and communication can be compromised, with compressed profit margins adding to the pressure.

The business strategy of a manufacturing company must take these issues into account. Because of increasing modernization, it’s necessary to have a digital strategy that handles disruption well and paves the way for future growth. The primary arm of this strategy would be agile technology systems, which NTT DATA provides. Our solutions handle your entire manufacturing process, from development to distribution, as well as your internal management and technology infrastructure.

“Harnessing years of manufacturing IT expertise, we’ll help you implement digitized intelligent platforms that enable best-in-class manufacturing processes so your business can thrive.”

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