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NTT DATA has a deep understanding of the issues faced by the insurance business

Gain Market Share in the Digital Era

Our full suite of scalable, end-to-end solutions for insurance carriers can help manage your organization’s evolving operating model, integrate the right technologies, and architect a digital future that achieves your business strategy.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

As insurance companies continue to optimize their processes with technology, having a competitive advantage has come to mean more than maximizing productivity: companies must also be able to predict trends and adapt to their customers’ demands, following a flexible, agile approach.

Our powerful business intelligence solutions work with your company’s data from various fields such as sales agents, emerging with data-driven insights that can further streamline your key processes. Personalized dashboards present the information in an easy-to-read format, along with instantly generated reports that help you pinpoint areas for improvement. This strategic approach leverages your company to better satisfy customers’ needs, identify important opportunities, and increase sales performance.

Customer Relationship Management

Customers of companies in the insurance industry tend to be long-term, which makes it imperative to maintain positive customer relationships. This is a significant part of the overall business strategy, and technology-enabled solutions such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can deeply enhance your customer satisfaction.

NTT DATA’s CRM solutions are comprehensive and innovative, built on our deep domain knowledge, strategic alliances, and long-term experience. They encompass every aspect of your customer interactions and support your sales, marketing, support, and service teams, with features such as case management that processes customer complaints. The customer is placed at the very center to ensure that they have a consistent experience with your organization, leading to lower costs and maximized revenues while building customer relationship.

Financial Management

The insurance industry is under increasing pressure to make their front-end to back-end operations efficient to maintain dominance in the capital markets. NTT DATA’s financial management solutions for Microsoft and Oracle give you greater control over your financials and simplify your manufacturing and operations. Our solutions are quick to implement, cost-effective, and easy to use, with the power to support your growth ambition.

We can help you do more, move faster, and better manage costs

NTT DATA has a deep understanding of the issues faced by the insurance business. Globally, we have 7,000 industry-seasoned insurance resources, and we’ve gained experience through client relationships with more than 100 leading insurance companies. In the Philippines, we offer enterprise solutions to help you stay ahead of the competition by improving customer relations, generating insights from your sales data, and controlling your financials.

“With over five decades of global IT services innovation and leadership, we have the advanced business insights to help you minimize risks and costs, develop agile business solutions and implement cloud strategies — and everything in between.”

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