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Turning Data into Decisions with NTT DATA Smart Platform

As a global company, NTT DATA, as part of the NTT group of companies, is committed to making life better through technology and innovation—and we just took smart up a notch. The NTT DATA Smart platform, first introduced as a solution in building smarter, more connected cities, was designed with flexibility in mind to deliver smart solutions across many industries. This foresight in design afforded us the ability to respond quickly with a solution to aid our clients as we all navigate the challenges resulting from the global pandemic.

The powerful data engine in the NTT DATA Smart platform allows the smart city of today to be the smart hospital, airport or military base of tomorrow. Our platform can “think” and access multiple data sources, perceive current conditions, plan, decide, and act on those conditions. It is even possible for our cognitive solution to learn from the consequences of its actions, while using past knowledge to crystallize current and future decisions. IoT devices empowering data-driven decisions to benefit our world – that’s smart.

We help you make better decisions.

How NTT DATA Smart Solutions works

Why Accelerate SMART with NTT DATA?

Start safe, grow fast

We offer you the chance to start fast with a pilot program or with phased deployments.

We are your committed partner

Being a global leader company allows us to fully support you for all your digital needs and journey.

It’s always your data

Your stakeholder’s privacy is our highest priority.
That’s why we firmly commit to work within your data policy

Superior technology makes the difference

Our enhanced features eliminate the risk of managing the ever-changing IoT data environment and allows us to harness the full potential of data analytics.