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Public Sector

Stronger social infrastructure for citizens

NTT DATA provides systems and services which make communities safer, and public services more accessible and convenient.

Improve Government Services With IT Innovation

NTT DATA provides systems designed for the convenience, safety and prosperity of regional societies using new technologies such as cloud computing and big data management.
We offer a rich combination of industry experience, extensive portfolio of integrated capabilities, and overall, a new redefined practice in Government IT Innovation to better serve the public sector.

Best-fit Solutions for Challenges

NTT DATA is committed in making life better through technology and innovation. Assisting government institutions in their continuous efforts in serving constituents effectively, we have successfully worked with different agencies in the Philippines and across the globe. Using technology-based systems that automates processes within government functions helps the institutions address the challenge of cost-efficient streamlined operations for faster and more transparent service

Turn Data into Decisions

Resillient, Responsive, Ready for the Future

Helping public services become more accessible and convenient

Government agencies are expected to meet the growing constituent demands while taking a cost-effective approach. As a result, they’ve increasingly come to rely on modern technologies that bolster productivity, communication, and transparency. NTT DATA’s systems and solutions make public services more accessible and convenient by applying proven processes and insights from its global client relationships to the needs of the government sector. Additionally, these solutions use manageable costs or minimal funding, providing support for government institutions to deliver better service while creating a strong social infrastructure for citizens.

We can walk you through innovative solutions for your organizations.

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NTT DATA on Conversational AI’s role in accelerating public sector digital capabilities

The importance of Conversational AI in continuous advancement of public sector’s digital capabilities was the focus of NTT DATA’s session with government leaders in this year’s “Asenso Pilipinas.”

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NTT DATA and Baguio City launches Telemedicine App to Strengthen COVID-19 Response and Management in Philippines

NTT DATA ensures long-term promise for innovation through transformational technologies

Feature Insights

NTT DATA at Microsoft’s Asenso Pilipinas 2021 - Better IT for Better Government

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of digitalization for economic and social resilience. As mobility restrictions and social distancing measure limits face-to-face interactions, the availability of affordable digital technologies has emerged as a key determinant of resilience.

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Improving access to Government services through omni-channel conversational AI

As the responsiveness of government services remains a major pain point for citizens, this segment aims to explain how conversational AI is the best fit solution to confidently enable self-help services across multiple channels while bringing down the total cost of operations.

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NTT DATA's Digital Strategy Framework

NTT DATA Philippines - a part of NTT DATA group and one of the strongest Microsoft Partner in the country, participated in Microsoft Philippines’ Public Sector Cloud Summit, “Asenso Pilipinas: Building Digital Resilience”, held last January 28, 2021.

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Build Back Better: Creating New Society with Information Technology - Microsoft Asenso Pilipinas

Discover how NTT DATA Philippines is building back better societies through our associated initiatives in the age of “life with the coronavirus".

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