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Public Sector

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Improve Government Services With IT Innovation

NTT DATA offers a rich combination of industry experience, a more complete portfolio of integrated capabilities under one umbrella and overall, a new redefined experience in Government IT Innovation to better serve government.

Human Resources Management

Government institutions constantly face the challenge of having to be as cost-efficient as possible and streamline their operations for faster, more transparent service. A key component to this is using technology-based systems that can automate processes within the institution.

NTT DATA supports customers from the public sector with solutions and services that facilitate employee management. This can cover various human resource functions such as hiring and performance analysis, depending on the needs of the institution. For example, our systems automate leave management, which can be complex given the policies various leave types and policies. With our solutions, you can improve workplace productivity, cut costs, and reduce paperwork—leaving more time to focus on improving services for citizens.

Incentive Management

A major goal of government institutions is to serve their constituents effectively. Employee management has a significant impact on institutional performance, with satisfied employees more likely to perform their tasks well. To improve employee satisfaction, NTT DATA offers a cost-effective incentive management model that automates compensation while optimizing your budget. Through a customizable system that comes with an easy-to-use dashboard, you can issue rewards, plan long-term incentives, and execute other compensation-related processes. Major benefits of this solution include being able to create a more informed incentive strategy and maximizing resources.

Turning Data into Decisions with NTT DATA Smart Platform

As a global company, NTT DATA, as part of the NTT group of companies, is committed to making life better through technology and innovation—and we just took smart up a notch.

The NTT DATA Smart platform, first introduced as a solution in building smarter, more connected cities, was designed with flexibility in mind to deliver smart solutions across many industries. This foresight in design afforded us the ability to respond quickly with a solution to aid our clients as we all navigate the challenges resulting from the global pandemic.


NTT DATA can help public services more accessible and convenient

Government agencies must perform a delicate balancing act between meeting increasing constituent demands and taking a cost-effective approach. As a result, they’ve increasingly come to rely on modern technologies that bolster productivity, communication, and transparency.

NTT DATA’s systems and solutions make public services more accessible and convenient by applying proven processes and insights from its global client relationships to the needs of the government sector. Additionally, these solutions use manageable costs or minimal funding, providing support for government institutions to deliver better service while creating a strong social infrastructure for citizens.

“We provide systems designed for the convenience, safety and prosperity of regional societies through the use of new technologies such as cloud computing and big data management.””

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