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NTT Data helps manage and thrive as business models are being transformed and new opportunities arise.

High Availability System Architecture

With the advent of the digital era, telecommunications companies must adapt their focus, branching out from their previous sole function of being a delivery mechanism for data. Alongside the need for innovation is the huge volume of demand for telecommunications. Businesses in this sector must guarantee security as well as constant availability, regardless of how heavy the load may be.

As one of the world’s largest telecommunication companies, NTT DATA has the expertise you need to evolve and maintain your systems and processes to adapt to the market. Our infrastructure solutions and services are agile and scalable, equipped with robust security while upholding optimal operational performance. With a cost-effective combination of global resources and leading technology, we architect, integrate, test, and optimize our systems, which allows you to deliver consistent, high-quality service to your clients.

Sales Analytics

Telecommunications is one of the most in-demand industries at present, with both organizations and individuals heavily reliant on it. By this point, telecommunications companies have already aggregated massive amounts of raw data, but the challenge is transforming this data into information that can inform their business strategy.

NTT DATA is familiar with the specific processes of the sector and can offer customized solutions through sales analytics. With our team of experienced BI and intelligence consultants, we provide companies with cutting-edge tools that yield in-depth information about their target market and reveal trends in sales activities. This is conveyed through instantly generated reports and rich visuals that can pinpoint where you should take your strategy to next. Armed with these insights about your consumers, you can attract more revenue, increase the marketability of your products, and push your business further

Content Management Systems

Digital assets are an increasingly important currency for telecommunications companies, enabling them to connect and transact with buyers, suppliers, and partners. As digital content moves through the enterprise, its complexity increases with every modification across divisions and workflows, from collation and consolidation to dissemination.

With years of experience in the telecommunications industry, NTT partners with companies to deliver comprehensive solutions through content management systems, which collect, manage, and publish digital assets. These systems are customized based on how your user communities consume your content. Our designs facilitate content conversion, customization, and workflow automation, resulting in platforms where you can showcase dynamic content and build greater affinity for your brand.

Business Productivity Platform

With our broad range of services and strong foundation in service management, NTT DATA helps telecommuting companies increase their productivity and profitability through the creation and maintenance of intranet portals. This allows for seamless communications among different departments, with easy sharing of files, data, and resources. Information is stored in an organized, easy-to-retrieve manner, facilitating document management and automating various administrative processes.

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration platform that can help you improve efficiency and security by centralizing and automating key areas of your operations such as your social communication, knowledge management, team communication, calendar and task management, version control, documents and records management, workflow, and approvals.

The proliferation of mobile devices, wireless connectivity, and new media platforms is driving convergence among telecom, media, and entertainment companies.

The telecommunications market is undergoing an unprecedented degree of change, driven by technological advancements such as LTE and fiber. Consumer expectations and the variety of technological choices pose increasing challenges to both new and traditional companies.

With our parent company, NTT, as the largest global telecommunication organization in the world, NTT DATA is uniquely placed to understand the pressures of your sector. Our telecommunications solutions help you find ways to prioritize data, roll out your products and services faster, control costs, and strengthen infrastructure. Be it sales analytics, robust system architecture, or content management, we can help you meet the unique challenges you face.

“Our telecommunications solutions help you find ways to prioritize data, roll out your products and services faster, control costs, and strengthen infrastructure.

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