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Transportation and Logistics

Deliver streamlined supply chain operations for greater flexibility and profitability

Help business compete on a local, regional and global scale

You’ll increase supply chain visibility domestically and internationally, foster collaboration and improve customer service. Whether you transport people or goods by land, sea, rail or air, you’ll work more efficiently, boost your competitive advantage and increase the bottom line.

Maritime and Crewing System

The productivity of a shipping company hinges heavily on the individual members of its crew and how well they can work together. Now that market dynamics are demanding faster results that should also be cost-effective—the less manpower, the better—the automation of crew processes becomes a major advantage.

NTT DATA’s technology helps you build, maintain, and evolve systems that handle your end-to-end crewing process, from hiring to deployment. Information about crew members is filed away in a robust database that guarantees easy retrieval while maintaining data security. Shift scheduling is also incorporated into the system, which can monitor and schedule manpower daily allocations. Equipped with instantly generated reports, our solutions streamline your operations, resulting in both increased employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

Port Management System

Technology can be the crucial differentiating factor between you and your competitors in the port and shipping industry. With the right tools to automate your business processes, your company can provide better customer experience—minimizing delays and maximizing resources.

NTT DATA provides port management systems that allow you to plan and oversee your entire operation with ease. This includes the tracking and allocation of resources and properties, as well as features that streamline your workflow. Reports can be instantly generated and takes only a few clicks. With our comprehensive port management system, your company saves considerable time, effort, and money, and frees up your team to focus on quality service.

Customer Relationship Management

Maintaining positive customer relationships is key in the transportation and logistics industry. Aside from ensuring timely delivery and maintaining the integrity of goods to keep customers satisfied, transportation and logistics can growth further with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

NTT DATA's CRM solutions are comprehensive and innovative, built on our deep domain knowledge, strategic alliances, and long-term experience. They encompass every aspect of your customer interactions and support your sales, marketing, and service teams. Sales tracking and performance analysis together point to areas for improvement and opportunities, resulting in a system that’s very responsive to customer behavior. This customer-centric approach leads to lower costs, maximized revenues, and robust client relationship

Microsoft SharePoint Productivity Platform

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration platform that can help you improve efficiency and security by centralizing and automating key areas of your operations such as your social communication, knowledge management, team communication, calendar and task management, version control, documents and records management, workflow, and approvals.

SharePoint Online delivers the powerful features of SharePoint without the associated overhead of managing the infrastructure on your own. SharePoint Online provides mobile apps for anywhere access, flexible policy management, round-the-clock monitoring, and geographically distributed data centers for reliability.

NTT can help you transform all aspects of your organization

Market-leading strategies and solutions are necessary for transportations and logistics service providers to balance providing quality service to their customers and maintaining operating profits. Business models must be agile given increased regulation and global competition.

NTT DATA’s provides innovative IT solutions for transportation and logistics to compete on a local, regional, and global scale. We provide systems that streamline your business processes, as well as business intelligence and analytics that empower your strategy.

“We assist business transformation across all aspects of your organization including people, process, data and technology in order to optimize your business.”

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