Transforming business and IT Operations through migration to AWS

Leader of an insurance company in japan would like to change the place to host their website and comparing on-premise solution vs. cloud as they are looking for better scalability and performance. NTT Data propose to design and host on AWS cloud on EC2 as this will provide better SLA and performance.

How does NTT DATA help Insurance Company

NTT Data (Thailand) provided cloud solutions as transforming business and IT operations through large scale migration to public cloud. we’re moving any workload – application, website, database, storage, physical or virtual server, or an entire data center from an on-premises environment, hosting facility, or other public cloud to AWS cloud.

We also built a complete and proven approach for migrating one to thousands of workloads to AWS cloud and support various type of infrastructure align with customer’s needs and NTT data have professional DevOps service using AWS cloud service and consulting infrastructure on cloud integrated with AWS services so that you can reach your business goals quickly and with confidence.

AWS Cloud Services

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 (Object Storage)
Store static content and HTML

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront (CDN)
Distribute dynamic and static content

Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 (Virtual Server)
Hosted web and application server for processing with application load balancer

Amazon SNS

Amazon SNS (Notification Service)
Send email and SMS notification

Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch
Logging service

Amazon CloudTrail

Amazon CloudTrail
Audit log service

Amazon Direct Connect

Amazon Direct Connect
Point to point private link

Why NTT DATA is better

NTT DATA (Thailand) is a top 10 global business and IT service provider with more than 100,000 professionals in over 50 countries. We offer full-stack, full life cycle services, including Consulting, Cloud solution and services, Digital marketing solution, Big data and Analytics solution and Digital Transformation through its companies worldwide.

We also partner with clients and technology partners to navigate and simplify the modern complexities of business and technology delivering the insights, solutions, and outcome




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